How to relieve and stop eczema from spreading

How to stop eczema from spreading

Eczema is a very personalized skin disorder that can become more serious if not addressed in its early stages. Characterized by itchiness, irritation, and red areas or dry patches on the skin (xerotic eczema), the signs and symptoms of eczema vary from person to person.

It can be triggered by wind, extreme temperatures, hot or cold weather, along with anxiety or stress. There are many eczema home remedies but below are the best remedies I’ve come across that work.

Here are 10 steps to help relieve and stop eczema from spreading.

1. Take borage and flaxseed oil supplements three times daily can help ease skin eczema. Essential fatty acids (EFA) supplements combine borage, flax and fish oil.

2. Eliminate or reduce dairy products. Soy, goat, or sheep cheeses are preferable substitutes. Shell fish, sugar, yeast, strawberries and pineapple may exacerbate eczema.

3. Drinking teas containing honey, ginger or chamomile can assist in eczema care. Foods such as peas, snow

peas, split pea soup and ginger soup are good choices for calming exema. Try this Chinese tonic as it is known to help.

  • Add 2 tsbp. bee pollen
  • Add 2 tsbp. raw honey
  • Add 1 tsbp. ginseng extract to a cup of hot water
  • Stir and drink each morning
  • You can find bee pollen and ginseng extract at your health food store

4. Temporarily clear dry patches with hydrocortisone cream

5. Fatty acids in oatmeal moisturize dry skin and reduce inflammation. Oatmeal lotions and/or oatmeal baths offer immediate relief.

Eczema on the Skin

Eczema on the Skin

6. 2% salicylic acid cleanser gently exfoliates (sloughs off) dry skin without irritation. Witch hazel can also help calm eczema.

7. Stress may also trigger an outbreak. Try Rescue Remedy Oral Spray when you are stressing out.

8. Bee pollen and honey are known to help relieve egzema. Try Egyptian Magic All-Purpose Healing Cream. This word of mouth phenomenon contains bee pollen, honey, and other natural moisturizing agents that can relieve the blistering,itchy, dryness associated with eczema.

9. Dandelion root tea is a blood purifier that can help with eczema and psoriasis. Milk thistle can also help relieve eczema as well as detoxify the liver. It can also help balance hormones. Check with your doctor before taking supplements.

10. Nanak’s All Natural Skin Repair works wonders on dry eczema patches.

Hopefully this article, “How to relieve and stop eczema from spreading” will give you some guidance about attacking this disorder.

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