This is one of my favorite exfoliating recipes and it utilizes something we all drink in the morning, coffee and the leftover coffee grounds..

Did you know that coffee has many benefits for your skin?

Watch my beauty recipe video for a really neat tip to exfoliate your skin with coffee grounds!

Here are some neat facts about coffee grounds!

Coffee grounds help to balance the ph of the skin. So whether you have dry skin or oily skin it is a fantastic recipe.

It’s a great product to help you exfoliate the skin

Coffee grounds are loaded with anti-oxidants which help battle free radicals.

Exoliate using Coffee Grounds

Exoliate using Coffee Grounds

Here is the step-by-step instructions to exfoliate with coffee grounds:

1. Take the coffee grounds from the coffee pot

2. Dump them into a bowl.

3. If you can’t use the coffee grounds the same day then store them in a zip lock bag in the refrigerator. You will need to reheat them before reusing but make sure they are not hot.

4. Take a little bit of the coffee grounds and exfoliate your face, hands and body.

5. Rinse the coffee grounds off in the shower.

The end result is you will be left with beautiful, clear skin that costs pennies on the dollar.

Facts about Coffee Grounds:

The caffeine in coffee provides the epidermis and dermis of the skin with many medicinal benefits. It is great for treating redness and inflammation to reducing the appearance of bags under the eyes.

Did you know that the baggy look under the eyes is a direct result of blood pooling? So, taking some coffee grounds and applying them under the eyes will help reduce the puffiness.

But, what do you do if you’re not a coffee drinker?

Try tea, it also contains caffeine. Apply moist tea bags that contain caffeine under the eyes to reduce the puffy look.

Here’s another tip for using coffee grounds. If you need healthy looking and shiny hair. Just take some coffee grounds in the shower and massage into the scalp. You’ll be amazed at how healthy and shiny your hair will look.



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