This video is going to talk about Red Light Therapy for brides and tattoo aftercare.

This is one of my secret weapons to my hands and face looking youthful!

What LED’s do is to rejuvenate skin cells and help to with cuts, wounds, complexion, fade age spots, fine lines, plump and smooth wrinkles. It’s also great for pain management.


The DPL II Red Light Therapy System you see in the video is the professional type. It’s a two panel unit and I prefer that because you can get more benefit in a shorter period of time.

Plus, with my $150 discount, you’ll be paying the same amount for the better unit as some competitors charge for their small units.

Red light therapy for brides and tattoo aftercare

Red light therapy for brides and tattoo aftercare

This 2-panel led light can be used on the stand or I prefer to hold them onto my face. You should hold these panels with the Light emitting diodes up to your face as if your holding an open book. The light emitting diodes can safely touch the skin on the face. The reason you want that to happen is that you want the best affect. Also this allows the light emitting diodes of the red light therapy unit to penetrate deeply into the three layers of the skin, the epidermis, the dermis, and the subcutaneous fat layer. As the led light therapy unit works the lights begin to repair the skin cells.

Click this link to get a more detailed explanation of red light therapy.

We’ve also found that red light therapy is great for a couple new groups of people.

1. If you’ve had problems with a tattoo or aftercare for tattoos, red light therapy can help significantly reduce healing times from tattoo cuts or tattoo infections. Unfortunately, tattoos do come with inherent dangers because it is a form of body art and body piercing. Led Light therapy can cut healing time by as much as 50% or higher.

2. The second group of people we’ve discovered are brides-to-be. If you’ve got a wedding planned and you want to look like $1,000,000 for that special day, the DPLII Red Light Therapy System can help get rid of the nagging effects of acne, eczema, and sun spots.

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Red light therapy also has the same positive effect for the following conditions:

Fine lines and wrinkles
Age spots and hyperpigmentation
Crows feet
Dilated capillaries
Pain management
Skin firmness and skin tone
Collagen activity
Activates fibroblast cells
Skin moisture helping fill out skin
Side effects of shingles, fibromyalgia, neuropathy, and folliculitis

Here are a few FAQ’s about led light therapy.

  1. It does NOT work through your clothes
  2. The light emitting diodes you cannot see are working but they are infrared.
  3. The system does not get hot and is designed to emit light at a comfortable heat range.
  4. Two treatments of 17 minutes per day are the recommended dosage however, they can be longer or back-to-back.