Follow my easy steps and learn how skin is brighter with a instant non-fat dry milk facial mask.

Milk has lactic acid and it is a great way to brighten the skin. The downside is you have to keep applying it over and over and over.

Your skin is brighter with a instant non-fat dry milk facial mask. Guaranteed!

Skin is brighter with a instant non-fat dry milk facial maskThis is one of my favorite facial mask recipes….here are your steps!

1. Take 2 tablespoons of instant non fat dry milk (powder milk)

2. Mix with 1/2 tablespoon of water

3. Mix to a paste consistency

4. Scrub you face with the milk

5. Put the mask on for 10 minutes

6. Rinse with tepid water


Say goodbye to dry facial skin and hello to beautiful, bright, and even skin.

Facts about non fat Milk, Lactic Acid and Facial Masks.

Dating back to the Egyptians, milk and skin care have been associated. Now, people flock to their refrigerators and cabinets looking for foods to aid them with their complexions.

But milk may be one of the most important foods your skin can benefit from. It’s part of the alpha hydroxyl acid (AHA)family which means it’s loaded with lactic acid. Lactic acid is a popular choice among beauty experts for those individuals looking to improve the appearance, texture, and hydrations level of one’s skin.

So what is Lactic Acid and why is it important?

It’s a member of a well-known family of exfoliants and as such, Lactic acid improves the skin’s overall texture by hydrating, removing (exfoliating) dead surface cells and positively impacting collagen growth. It’s been known for the wrinkle and line reducing properties it has along with improving skin tone and diminishing acne scars

Can Lactic acid irritate the skin?

While most AHAs are problematic and can irritate the skin, lactic acid is much milder. It normally will not irritate people battling skin conditions such acne or rosacea. Nevertheless, should your skin be sensitive when using these or any other products, always error on the safe side.

Skin care specialists agree that with lactic acid you need to limit the exposure to the sun because sensitivity is always an issue. It can also irritate allergy prone skin.

So does this mean you need to head out to the grocery store and buy 10 gallons of milk and start bathing in it.

Far from it, the instant non-fat dry milk facial mask is the option that gives you the opportunity to look good, keep your skin healthy, and get it all done cheap. While the non fat powder milk doesn’t fully replace the milk it maintains the lactic acid properties required to make this facial mask effective.


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