How and why to use mouthwash to get rid of perspiration odor after showering.

Use mouthwash to get rid of perspiration odor

Use mouthwash to get rid of perspiration odor

This is so easy to follow, just grab a bit of mouthwash:

1. Shower and when done take a little bit of mouthwash and apply to a tissue or wash cloth

2. Apply under the arms

3. This will kill the bacteria which causes perspiration and the accompanying odor

4. Make sure you don’t do this the day you shave under arms because the epidermis which is the outer layer of skin could get a burning sensation from the menthol.

Facts about mouthwash and skin care.

Well you probably didn’t think that ole antiseptic mouthwash had some other functions than just swishing it around in your mouth. The fact is that mouthwash has many different applications, but we just focus on how to use mouthwash to get rid of perspiration odor.

Because the majority of all antibacterial mouthwash contain mint, they possess some unique capabilities. Mint has been associated for eons because of its aroma, medical uses, and curative capabilities.

Did you know that Asia and the Mediterranean area were the spawning ground for mint?

The mint family is loaded with Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and smaller amounts of Vitamin B complex. As most of us know, Vitamin C has been recommended quite extensively to combat cancer because of its antioxidant capabilities. It also contains disinfectant, sedative, and cicatrizing or healing properties because of its organic makeup.

Minerals also play an important function in mint.

No wonder it’s used extensively in mouthwash.

It contains minerals such as manganese, copper, iron, potassium and calcium. Your heart rate and blood pressure are directly related to the cells and fluids of your body. Potassium plays a most important role in the health and nutrients. Manganese and copper are also present in mint and are responsible for antioxidant enzyme superoxide-dismutase.

Of course you probably are aware that menthol is a derivative of mint.

Menthol has the capability to work on the receptors in the mouth and throat but also the skin. So now you know why we recommend you use mouthwash as an deterrent to perspiration odor.

Some of the other neat components of mouthwashes include witch hazel, licorice, and sage extracts. They all combine their properties with aromatic mint flavor to provide a product which has multi-uses.

You only need to be creative!