Are you struggling with lip lines if so use papaya and emu oil to get rid of lip lines!

This is an easy beauty recipe. You need a papaya and emu oil. You can get emu oil at any health food store.

Use papaya and emu oil to get rid of lip lines

Use papaya and emu oil to get rid of lip lines

So, here’s what you do:

1. Cut a piece of papaya and get rid of the seeds and the pulp because all you need is the inside peel

2. Rub papaya peel all over the lips and around the lips and leave on for 20 minutes until it dries and hardens

3. Rinse off papaya peel. The Papaya enzyme is loaded with nautures Retin A, That will help smooth the lips

4. Apply a little emu oil on and around the mouth. Emu Oil is an anti inflammatory but also helps thicken the skin and get rid of wrinkles.

5. Do this at night before bed.

Facts about papayas!

Papayas look like a football shaped melons or pears.  The fruit itself is extremely sweet with a musky undertone, and its texture is soft.  Ripe papaya flesh is a rich orange color with either yellow or pink hues.

The inner cavity contains a wealth of black round seeds, encased in a gelatinous-like substance.

It is a rich source of anti-oxidant nutrients such as beta-carotene (which is what gives it the orange color; green papaya does not contain this carotene), vitamin A and C and flavonoids, B vitamins, folate and pantothenic acid.

It also contains small amounts of of the minerals calcium, chlorine, iron, phosphorus, potassium, silicon and sodium.

Facts about Emu oil:

Triglyceride fats in emu oil suppress arthritis symptoms and modulate autoimmune symptoms. Emu oil is an excellent natural source of linoleic acid, an anti-inflammatory omega-6 fatty acid, and it may offer nutritional benefits as a fat source.