Avoid body lotions containing parabens like the plague!

After showering we apply lotions to the body especially during the winter months to help prevent the dry itchy skin.

But the problem with many of the lotions today is that they contain parabens which can affect our health and our hormones.

Take a look at my beauty tip video for some neat tips about solving this problem!

There is a neat product that I have used and passed on to many people and its called SkinLasting.

The reason this product is so great is that because the skin on your body is the largest organ, it absorbs everything we put on it.


Avoid parabens in skin care products like the plague

SkinLasting is free of parabens!

1. SkinLasting is a natural, pararben free, fragrance free product but there are no chemicals in it.

2. It is loaded with lactic acid, Vitamin C and green tea.

3. So it protects the skin and deeply hydrates it.

4. This is the exact product I use on my hands whenever I have a hand modeling commercial because it makes my hands look beautiful and radiant.

You can use SkinLasting from head to toe, for more information you can visit Hollywood Beauty Secrets.

Fact about parabens:

Here is an article published by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) about parabens:


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