Louisa Graves

Louisa Graves

I became a top beauty expert as a result of doing what I love, sharing budget-friendly advice that helps all women, and even some men, look and feel their best.

My mission began years ago when my career as a celebrity body parts model in Hollywood for A-list stars sparked an idea to write a book about what I knew best – keeping my skin and body in “camera-ready” shape without the need for costly products or treatments.

I’ve been a guest beauty expert on TV shows and networks including The Talk, The Doctors, Extra, The Discovery Channel, The Style Network and on over 500 terrestrial radio shows including: Sirius XM Doctor Radio, KIIS FM, WGN Chicago, Hot 97 New York, KEarth Los Angeles and many more.

My age-proofing tips are frequently featured in Women’s World Magazine column, “Ask America’s Ultimate Expert”, in FIRST Magazine for Women, in Bridal Fantasy and more. She has written articles and shared many tips on the following sites and blogs: AOL/Huffington Post; AOLHealth, SheKnows, DrLaura, Galtime, MSNBC, WomansDay, AOLJobs, ParentingPink, ShareCare, Hitched, and Intent, to name a few.

As a celebrity body parts model I doubled my parts in over 1000 commercials, TV shows and movies for A-list stars including:

  • Jennifer Garner
  • Courtney Thorne-Smith
  • Penelope Cruz
  • Alyssa Milano
  • Kate Walsh
  • Debra Messing
  • Cindy Crawford
  • Rachel Weisz
  • Gwyneth Paltrow
  • Milla Jovovich
  • Heather Locklear
  • Patricia Heaton
  • Paulina Porizkova
  • one of the Desperate Housewives
  • and many more….

My book, “Hollywood Beauty Secrets: REMEDIES to the RESCUE“ is doctor-recommended. As a result, I’ve done over 500 radio interviews, and I’ve appeared on myriad TV shows including: The Doctors, Extra, Style Network, Discovery Channel, Soap Talk, Los Angeles KTLA and KCAL Morning News, and many more.

My slimming tonic landed me on the cover of Woman’s World Magazine and one of my readers lost over 150 lbs. and reduced her mediations from 17 down to ONE! And last year, I was acknowledged in popular book, “Career Comeback”, by Springboard Press as one of THE top two Rejuvenation Experts in Los Angeles, noting nine pages of my top age-proofing tips for women re-entering the job market.

I’ve made it my mission to help women solve their “head to toe” challenges with “look and feel good” tips that they can afford. I continue to research and uncover THE most potent products on the planet and offer them at the lowest prices at my web site HollywoodBeautySecrets.  And I provide daily tips on this blog.

Once women try my tips, or supplement and product suggestions, they become energized and empowered, look and feel more beautiful, confident, and ready to take on life’s day to day challenges with much less stress! What a privilege it is for me to do my job! I am truly blessed and excited to stay on the pulse of what women want.

Want the latest updates on how to naturally uplift your mood, burn fat, increase energy, repair and prevent wrinkles, sagging and thinning skin, ignite fat-burning, tone & tighten the body in just 10 minutes a day, reduce enlarged pores, blemishes and fade acne scars, age spots, pigmentation spots, stretch marks, strengthen weak nails, rejuvenate hands, stop falling and thinning hair, hydrate, banish cellulite, puffy eyes, dark circles, cracked heels, dry lips, and more?

Healthcare Professional Testimonials

“I have had the pleasure of working with Louisa Graves in her capacity as a Columnist with Women’s Voices Magazine website. She is a creative, thoughtful and accomplished writer our readers look forward to reading. Her topics champion women, and men, looking good and feeling good as well as providing them useful and important information. Her work is well researched and presented in an easily relatable style. She is a recognized expert in her field, and Louisa cares about her audience. Add in her helpful nature, positive attitude, and lovely personality, and you have a winning combination in any professional endeavor and relationship. Louisa is a pleasure to work with and has made wonderful contributions to the successful growth of WVM’s readership.”

Brenda Krueger Huffman

New Media Executive, Publisher, Editor, Columnist, Journalist, Political Analyst

“…Louisa is a well known hands and body parts model in Hollywood and in order to stay on top of her game she has done countless hours of research to find out what REALLY works to enhance beauty and reduce the effects of aging. We are very fortunate that Louisa has chosen to share her proven research with us! Louisa has also worked diligently to uncover a number of wonderful products she sells at budget-friendly prices to the public through her website. As a physician who specializes in hormone balance and nutrition, I really appreciate the care she has taken to focus on the beneficial effects of certain nutrients for the hair, skin and nails. Most importantly, the products she recommends do not contain and Bisphenol A or phthalates. These toxins are found in many other hair and skin care products and are known to cause disruption in the balance of many of our hormones. I would feel very comfortable recommending Louisa’s products to my patients and I use many of them myself. I congratulate Louisa on her many accomplishments and thank her for sharing her wisdom and beauty secrets with all of us!”

Alicia Stanton, MDFellow American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Diplomat of the Board of Anti-Aging Medicine, Advanced Fellow in Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine International Speaker & Author of "Hormone Harmony"

“Louisa’s non-invasive approach to cutting-edge, natural rejuvenation is like ‘Extreme Makeover’……without the knife. The science is behind the products and beauty tips she recommends. I highly recommend this book to all my patients. Written by a formidable woman who herself defies aging, this book is a concise and insightful source of valuable information for everyone— especially for those who feel leery of general anesthesia and of going “under the knife”. It contains objective and reliable information about the newest remedies and treatments available for achieve a healthier lifestyle and to both retard and reverse aging in both men and women. Louisa’s book is like Extreme Makeover ……without the knife.”

Evellyne Llorente, M.D.

“If you are in search of the natural beauty expert, look no further. Louisa Graves is truly the ultimate expert in this field. For years, Louisa has been teaching us healthy ways to be beautiful with a knowledge and expertise that are world class. Her teachings are based on non-invasive ways we can both feel and look our best. The way we feel about ourselves matters and with the lessons and suggestions that she presents in “Age-Proof: Beauty Alternatives You Need to Know”, Louisa helps us with improving our self-image challenges.”

Robert Puff, Ph.D. Clinical Psychologist, Speaker, Author, Newport Beach, CA.

“Hollywood Beauty Secrets: Remedies to the Rescue is a concise insight to the personal care world of a career professional model. Louisa’s book takes you through core issues of personal appearance, wellness, anti-aging skin care and her secrets to access affordable and effective products and rejuvenating therapies. Everyone, men included, may benefit with her secrets to success! Hollywood Beauty Secrets is an important work for all aesthetic medicine and surgery professionals to recommend for their clients.”

R. S. Jennings, M.D.

“Ms. Louisa Maccan-Graves, a well-known hands and body-parts model in Hollywood, has created a rich compendium of beauty tips and anti-aging secrets in one compact book for women of all ages. She informs the reader that there are many new alternative anti-aging choices available to them. Louisa offers effective anti-aging recipes and products for facial and body care, nails, hands, feet, and hair care. The book also covers insightful rejuvenating nutritional and sensible slimming information to help you lose weight. Many of the products Louisa suggests throughout the book are reasonably priced so that the budget-conscious user can shop efficiently. As the Chairman of Integrative Medicine and Anti-Aging Conferences, I believe that Louisa has put something together here of significant practical value. Along with four other physicians, I also recommend “Hollywood Beauty Secrets: Remedies to the Rescue” as a “must read” for all women who care about their health and appearance.”

L. S. Coles, M.D., Ph.DGeneral Chairman of the Program Committee for the Integrative Medicine and Anti-Aging Conferences, Co-Founder of the Los Angeles Gerontology Research Group and Stem-Cell Researcher with the Dept. of Surgery at UCLA David Geffen School of Medicine

“As a doctor of radiology, I know the importance of taking care of my health. I eat healthy and use scientifically-proven ingredients and non-invasive, alternative therapies to keep my skin looking healthy. I discovered LED Red Light Therapy on Louisa’s site. In fact I have followed her site for years. Louisa’s information and advice is backed by science. I have recommended this site to my family and friends because Louisa has obviously well-researched her findings.”

Sandra Willis, MD.

“A great book- full of insightful tips. Not surprising, from a woman who not only looks years younger than her age, but maintains her own health so carefully and well.”

C. Ott, M.D.

“I have been a true skin care junkie most of my life, always looking for the latest and greatest product or tool offering that “WOW” result! I admit, when it comes to assessing skin care products, I am a staunch, “tough as nails” critic who might possibly be looking for the impossible; some unrealistic result. I say this because in 20 plus years of an exhausting search, which includes more than a dozen at-home skincare machines/gadgets/tools, hundreds of prescription and dermatologist recommended products, products sold only in the most exclusive shops and catalogues, in-office peels and 100’s of other products from internet companies and consumer top pics on threads like makeupalley.com, I have NEVER found that “WOW” result!!!! That all changed when I came across a website that peaked my curiosity. I placed a phone call to inquire about some of the products, expecting to leave a message. Little did I know that this call would be my magic moment, the one that would end my search and change my life…forever!!! I was met with the warmest, most informative, most sincere, passionate and scientifically sound explanation to every one of my questions…… by the skin care GURU herself, Louisa Graves!!! I was so completely absorbed in every last detail of her beauty tips and advice, frantically writing down every spoken word. I have no doubt that Louisa was born with this passion; that inherent in her genes is this love and commitment to her work!!!! She is so current in her knowledge, able to warmly embrace and clearly articulate the answer to each of my questions. She is hands down more competent than any professional with whom I have ever consulted! … Most Sincerely

Dr. C. MarkleAssistant Clinical Professor, Yale University School of Medicine

“Want to get more bang for your diet and exercise buck? Then take Louisa’s advice and combine doses of apple cider vinegar with garlic supplements. These supplements, which contain concentrated amounts of the good stuff and none of the odor, are one of the most effective means of reducing fast.”

James F. Balch, M.D.

Producer Testimonials

“Louisa Graves continuously astounds me with her insightful and innovative approach to beauty problems. She never loses sight of the average woman and always provides user-friendly solutions that are affordable and effective.

Derek C. Supervising Producer / CBS The Talk

“Louisa is one of the most organized and professional guests I have worked with. She thought of everything, which made my job so easy. She not only provided her own props and ingredients, she prepared over 28 recipes for the show!! What’s even better is that the audience loved her “Hollywood Beauty Secrets & Remedies”. She really connected with our viewers. We received countless emails requesting information about her home-made remedies. I myself was turned onto a treatment I am still using today. Louisa really knows her beauty secrets and how to deliver to an audience on television!”

Kirstin AndersonFormer Producer of Northwest Afternoon on KOMO TV in Seattle, WA. (ABC affiliate)

“Louisa was a great guest expert on Sirius Doctor Radio on The Dermatology Show with Dr. Doris Day. Louisa really clicked with Dr. Day. They were on the same page with each topic, sharing very interesting conversations. Louisa was most impressive handling caller questions with Dr. Day. We will have her back as a guest beauty expert again.”

Jenna StrollaProducer - Doctor Radio, Sirius 114/XM 119, New York

“Louisa Maccan-Graves provides a totally unique, visual and interactive segment with her one-of-a-kind “Hollywood Beauty Secrets!” Hosts can also participate in this segment which is always entertaining. Each time she has been a guest on our program, her “tricks of the trade” are a hit, and her energetic personality entertains the crew and the audience alike. Viewer response is always outstanding. She is a wonderful guest who provides interesting insight to one of America’s favorite topics — looking and feeling our best!”

Heide HagemanMorning Segment Producer, KUSI TV, San Diego, CA.

“Louisa is phenomenal! One of the best guests we’ve had in terms of the response which was just amazing. The phones did not quit for days. Emails kept pouring in. Ladies all over the Southland (CA.) could not enough of the information that Louisa had to share. One of the best interviews we’ve ever done!!”

Samantha StandarProducer, Hollywood Hamilton Morning Show, K-Earth 101, Los Angeles, CA

“We’ve had the pleasure of having Celebrity Body Parts Model, Louisa Maccan-Graves of Hollywood Beauty Secrets, as a featured guest on our show on numerous occasions. Listener response to her segments WAS INCREDIBLE! She’s the only repeat guest we’ve had. Many, many telephone calls and emails were received enquiring about remedies and treatments she spoke of. Louisa is absolutely wonderful to work with and a complete professional. Family and friends of mine have taken Louisa’s advice and tested the remedies with astonishing results. Louisa has an open invitation to appear as our guest on our show at any time. For a compelling guest that your audience will thoroughly enjoy, Louisa of Hollywood Beauty Secrets is your best bet!”

George ReyesProducer and Host of Visions and Views with Pat Prescott, Smooth Jazz 94.7 KTWV The Wave, Los Angeles, CA.

Entertainment Industry Testimonials

“Louisa has single-handedly changed my skin. It’s true – her remedies work!”

Michaela PereiraCNN Morning Show Co-Host, Emmy Award-Winning News Host of the KTLA Morning Show, Los Angeles, CA.

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Louisa on numerous beauty segments on both KUSI News and Inside San Diego. She walks the talk and is certainly proof that what she writes about is working.”

Sandra MaasHost of Inside San Diego and KUSI Morning News, San Diego, CA.

“Louisa has certainly uncovered amazing skin care secrets that work far better than any expensive or hyped product on the market….. May I add that I work on faces all day long and when I found out Louisa’s age, I thought she was 15 years younger! Her skin is glowing and looks better than most women in their 20’s.”

L. VallejoHollywood Makeup Artist for many TV Series

“I’ve done makeup for 100’s of celebrities, movie stars and TV personalities and I have to say that Louisa has absolutely the most gorgeous skin! My boyfriend also uses and enjoys the tips in Louisa’s Hollywood Beauty Secrets book.”

Sandra MarshallEmmy Award Winning Makeup Artist, Los Angeles, CA.

“University researchers give a thumbs-up to Louisa Maccan-Graves homemade weight loss tonic that helps wash away up to 7 pounds in 10 days.”

Christine GarsonReporter, Woman’s World Magazine

“Louisa is considered somewhat of an anomaly in competitive Hollywood where most women will never reveal their beauty secrets.”

Nicole MacIntryeReporter Toronto Star, Toronto, Canada

Louisa Graves did such an excellent job communicating her budget-friendly, beautifying advice in our 2013 edition of our Bridal Fantasy magazine that we decided to include her tips and tricks again in our upcoming (2014) issue of the magazine. Thank you, Louisa for providing our brides and their entourage with unique, DIY spa treatments to help them prepare for the big day!”

Gay DerkEditor-In-Chief, Bridal Fantasy Magazine®

“I have known Louisa for years. Not only does she defy age, she legitimately grows younger in appearance. I encounter many celebrities who devote massive amounts of time, money and energy to achieving beauty that seems to come naturally to Louisa.”

David AddelsonReporter / Producer E! Entertainment

“I just got your book today and already finished it! I was taking notes the whole time and now I’m off to the drug store. Thanks for bringing this to us in one wonderful, insightful volume.”

A. FullerTV Anchor KUSI-TV

“I met Louisa through my work in the commercial film industry, where we spend long hours on our feet, days on end. I love her easy, thirty-minute pedicure! My feet have never been so happy, or so pretty! All of Louisa’s advice is directed to busy women like me who need simple, economical, practical ways to take care of our bodies.”

CarolSardines & Oranges Catering

“I am exposed to the sun quite regularly which concerned me. I learned from Louisa’s book that only a few sunscreens contain effective UV protection. I e-mailed the effective ingredients she specified to look for on sunscreen labels to all my friends and they in turn e-mailed their friends. Louisa helped a lot of people who were misinformed about sun protection.”

Lee A.Talent Agent

“I thoroughly enjoyed and highly recommend Louisa’s book, Hollywood Beauty Secrets: Remedies to the Rescue.” I believe every woman will find this complete beauty guide is loaded with insightful and invaluable beauty remedies. Everything is doable, affordable and really works!”

Sue S.Medical Aesthetician

“I’ve given your book to many of my celebrity clients, including one of my top clients — a royal princess. She said, “Gerald… this woman, your friend is a genius! The Hollywood Beauty Secrets: Remedies to the Rescue book is one of THE best gifts I’ve ever received.” Louisa –I know for a fact that she’s been practicing some of your secrets for years. You see Louisa – even the richest women in the world love your book proving that even THEY like to save money! Louisa also turned me onto the rejuvenating powers of LED Red Light Therapy many years ago. Now I give Red Light Therapy units as gifts to my clientele.

Gerald David BaumanGerald David Bauman

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