Louisa’s Acne Treatment and Blemish Breakout Protocol.

Everyone wants to know the best acne treatment and how to clear up acne! But, there is no one acne remedy. However, the following step-by-step process includes acne treatment tips that will address some of the following questions pertaining to teen and hormonal adult acne.

  • How to stop acne?
  • How to get rid of acne fast?
  • How to get rid of body acne?
  • How to get rid of back acne?
  • How to fade acne scars?
  • How to reduce acne scars?

1. Cleanse skin with a soap-free, non-drying cleanser such as paraben-free Glycolic Cleanser with Marine Plant Extracts for those with adult acne. For teens or those who wear make-up, Beyond Clean with zinc and salicylic acid or Papaya & Soy Foaming Cleanser are great choices. Or try drug store brand Purpose Gentle Cleansing Wash by Johnson & Johnson. It’s soap-free and hypoallergenic.

2. Be sure to remove make-up before bed and exfoliate skin two to three times a week to avoid clogged or enlarged pores and to help fade spots, acne scars and reduce fine lines. You can exfoliate with either: baking soda, or cost-effective paraben-free Microdermabrasion Scrub. For those with sensitive skin an AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid) cream is another effective exfoliant. I like Evenly Radiant

Acne Care and Treatment

Acne Care and Treatment

Overnight Peel  (formerly known as AHA Beauty Fluids) AHA creams (acne cream) hydrate and gently exfoliate the skin as they are perfect for those with acne vulgaris or cystic acne, adult acne, acne on back or mature skin too.  For those with rosacea, do NOT use a scrub, but rather the AHA cream or see #7 – my popular mask.

3. Every morning and evening, after cleansing apply an alcohol-free toner that helps balance the pH of oily or dry skin such as paraben-free Anti-Aging Pycnogenol Toner. When skin is pHbalanced, you can prevent breakouts.

4. IN THE MORNING: After cleansing and toning skin, apply C-30 Moisturizer Sunscreen (with 30 SPF), then make-up. This antioxidant-rich lotion/sunscreen in one, doesn’t leave a white film on the skin, has Parsol 30 SPF plus Vitamin C to brighten and even skin tone, anti-microbial green tea to keep blemishes in check, and age-defying CoQ10 to nourish and protect. Perfect for ALL skin types including those with acne problems or blemish-prone skin or adults with dry or mature skin. Then apply makeup. (See excellent make-up tips for naturally camouflaging acne and blemishes in #14 below.)

5. IN THE EVENING: After cleansing and toning, spot dab any blemishes or acne spots with O24U Hyperoxygenated Gel or see #8 below for home remedies. Then apply C-30 Moisturizer (with 30 SPF) as your night cream. For teens as well as adults with sun damage and fine lines, another option is  Perfect Rx Beyond Essential with Matrixyl and copper peptides, antioxidants, essential minerals (for combination, oily,  acne-prone or  mature skin)

6. Very important!! Keep face out of the sun as this causes breakouts and enlarged pores. Apply sun screen religiously, rain or shine each day to bounce harsh UV rays away from skin. Choose sunscreen that is formulated for blemish-prone or oily skin. Louisa favorite for teen or adult acne is C-30 Moisturizer, a 30 SPF SUNSCREEN and moisturizer in ONE with anti-microbial green tea, and Vitamin C to help fade acne scars and protect skin from UV rays and it’s paraben-free. TIP: When working or exercising outdoors, wear a wide rimmed visor to block suns rays.

7. To shrink pores, and fade acne or blemish scars, twice a week apply Louisa’s popular mask. Mix 2 tbsp plain white yogurt with 1 tsp. FRESH lemon juice. Apply this mask for 30 minutes. It also evens the skin tone, helps fade acne scarring, prevents future breakouts, firms and tightens skin for a face lifting effect.

8. To shrink large or severe acne or pimples, dip a Q-tip into some Witch Hazel, and dab onto pimples. Flip the Q-tip and dip into Milk of Magnesia. The magnesia dries up the oil, reducing the pimples. Another excellent option is O24U Hyper-Oxygenated Gel with powerful oxygen that kills acne bacteria, and retin A to fade acne scars. This is very popular and is far less costly than blue light therapy (which I’m not convinced works). Spot dab it onto acne, blemishes or old scars.

9. Stick to a low-glycemic diet to help keep blood sugar levels from spiking, preventing excess oil production. When blood sugar spikes, testosterone production increases, causing more oil production AND breakouts. Low-glycemic diets include The Zone, The Mediterranean Diet, The South Beach or Adkins.

Another tip: Before eating carbs, eat two to three bits of protein (nuts, egg, cheese, fish, meat, chicken) BEFORE diving into carbs on your plate. This keeps blood sugar from spiking, thus prevents breakouts. A great tips that REALLY works.

10. Also take omega 3 fatty acids found in flax seed oil or fish oil capsules to naturally help balance hormones, reducing breakouts. Take with meals 3 X a day.

11. Chlorella, a super toxin fighter and immune-booster also helps clear acne from the inside out. Check with your physician if you have any diet or health concerns.

12. Tie hair back when exercising or playing sports so soiled hands don’t contaminate hair that falls by the face. Be sure to NEVER touch hands to face unless hands are washed.

13. Using pressed powder to soak up oil can often trap debris and clog skin, causing more breakouts. Use a hair curler roller paper to dab oil from face instead of applying more face powder. Also be sure to clean cell phones regularly with rubbing alcohol or disinfecting wipes.

14. For those who wear make-up:  Powder mineral make-up is beneficial for all skin types including those prone to acne or blemish breakouts.

15. Argan Oil has been very effective in treating acne. It is very rich in essential fatty acids, and contains almost twice as much vitamin E as olive oil.

The trick is to apply the mineral make-up as noted here to assist the acne treatment process:

STEP 1: Apply ONE THIN coat of mineral makeup onto entire face, using a soft buffing, circular motion using a Kabuki brush. Afterwards, if some of the blemishes, mild acne marks, or scars are not camouflaged, then do this:

STEP 2: DON”T apply another full layer of make-up. Instead, dip a CLEAN, fine eye liner brush into the mineral powder foundation and gently “paint” over the blemishes, acne spots and scars peeking that you can still see. Just bend and this camouflage method gives you a natural-looking make-up base.

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