Beta Salicylic Acid Peel For All Skin Types

Beta Salicylic Acid peels are safe for all skin types including those people with different skin color. Beta Salicylic Acid peels self-neutralize and do not burn out of control like other types of peels. After the Beta peel skin will become dry and tight with light peeling, random white flakes or exfoliation for one to two days. Remember to apply sunscreen each and every day to protect your new, even and smooth complexion.

Beta Salicylic Acid peels for those with Skin of Color.

Those with different skin color, particularly darker black women, should avoid chemical peels such as alpha hydroxy acid, TCA and Phenol Peels or dermabrasion as they can frequently cause burned or hyper-pigmented skin. However, Beta Salicylic Acid peels in concentrations up to 20%, can be safe. Darker skin of color do well with this peel provided they follow a four-week protocol prior to the treatment. Otherwise hyper-pigmentation may occur. Avoid going to a facility or practitioner who says it’s okay to do the Beta Salicylic Acid peel without the bleaching protocol or you may risk severe skin damage.

Beta Salicylic Acid: Pre-Peel Protocol for Skin of Color

Beta Salicylic Acid Before and After

Beta Salicylic Acid Before and After

For the best possible results, those with skin of color should follow this protocol. A minimum of four weeks prior to the beta salicylic acid peel treatment apply a prescription bleaching cream nightly. It consists of a mix of hydroquinone, kojic acid and retinoic acid. This effective bleaching cream will be
provided by the practitioner and must be applied each and every night for a minimum of four weeks.

Then every morning, you will need to apply an SPF 30 or stronger sunscreen (see next paragraph for effective sunscreen suggestions). This pre-peel protocol causes the melanin-producing cells to go dormant, exfoliates skin, refines the pores, induces collagen formation, produces tighter and firmer skin, decreases fine lines and wrinkles as well as evens skin tone. Sunscreen should be worn each and every day after the treatment is performed to maintain the results. See lasers for skin of color below.

Beta Salicylic Acid:Post-Peel Protocol for ALL Skin Types:

Protect your sensitive, smooth and newly-even skin from the sun after having a chemical peel. Wear a visor and an SPF 30 sunscreen each and every day. For complete protection choose sunscreen that contains one of the following effective UV protectant ingredients: zinc oxide, titanium dioxide, Parsol¨ or avobenzene.


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