What is dermabrasion?

Mechanical resurfacing (skin dermabrasion) of the epidermis has been around  approximately fifty years and necessitates the utilization of abrasive instruments to eliminate the surface layers of the skin to create a better physical appearance.

Dermabrasion treatment has been utilized with the management of photoaging (coming from sun exposure), wrinkles, scars, acne breakouts, precancerous skin lesions, and  discoloration (referred to as dyschromia). Superficial

Dermabrasion Before and After

Dermabrasion Before and After

as well as deep methods are accessible. You will find two tiers of the skin; the outer layer is termed the epidermis along with the inner layer, the dermis. Superficial dermabrasion strips areas of the epidermis and deep dermabrasion treatment eliminates the entire epidermis and parts of the dermis.

Deep procedures would be the recommended technique for management of scars (i.e. from acne breakouts or trauma) and various less frequent skin disorders (i.e. epidermal nevi, rhinophyma, and benign tumors). They have already been employed for elimination of reluctant tattoo designs. Heavy methods are better however typically call for recovery time and possess a greater risk of complications.

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