How does elos Fractional Wrinkle Treatment work?

The mixed powers of elos technology specifically heat the connective tissue inside the specific treatment location. It promotes collagen generation and creates a more youthful look on the epidermis. Moderate facial lines and skin wrinkles are generally decreased, as well as the consistency of the epidermis becomes more smooth as well as supple.

How does Elos Fractional Wrinkle Treatment work?

Elos Wrinkle Treatment

Elos Wrinkle Treatment

The Matrix IR applicator utilizes a exclusive synergy of light and conducted Bi-Polar RF to generate the deep thermal heating required to equally reduce in size as well as produce fresh collagen even while safeguarding the skin. The Matrix IR brings together a diode (915 nm) laser matrix, bi-polar executed radio frequency power along with powerful epidermal cooling. Utilization of this mixture of strategies translates into overlapping light beams infiltrating deep into the dermis to a level of up to 2.5 mm to pre-heat the prospective tissue, and the RF energy being attracted to the target. Doing this places the thermal zone exactly where it can be successful with regard to wrinkle therapy, while staying gentle on the skin.

Throughout therapy with elos fractional, the mixture of laser energy and conducted RF energy causes skin damage which may be optimized in micro-thermal zones (areas of biggest energy intensity) by having an more rapid process of recovery sustained by the tissue around the micro-thermal regions.

Does Elos Fractional Wrinkle Treatment cause pain?

Most people go through the Elos wrinkles treatment effortlessly. Furthermore, topical pain reliever ointment in addition to exterior cooling may be used to enhance your level of comfort. A built-in cooled therapy tip guarantees continuous skin surface safety throughout the treatment. Numerous individuals go back to ordinary routines soon after therapy.

When may I anticipate seeing outcomes?

Most people start observing progress associated with facial lines between 2-3 therapy sessions. A few patients notice progress even after the very first treatment. The entire quantity of necessary treatment visits is dependent upon your skin’s situation.

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