What is a punch excision and skin grafting?

Punch excision approaches are usually employed for serious acne scars including “ice pick” scars. The method necessitates the actual physical elimination of the tissue comprising the scar and either the suture or even replacing the residual tissue. There are actually three principal punch procedures employed. These include:

Punch ExcisionPunch Excision

A punch excisions are implemented by a punch biopsy instrument which can fluctuate in width based on the measurements the treatment spot, typically between 1.5 mm and 3.5 mm. Local sedation is used with the area and the instrument is employed to eliminate the scar along with its adjoining edges. The scar at present is extracted and the skin can be sutured together and mends. The scar created from treatment usually fades following the therapy.

Punch Excision using Skin Grafts

Punch excision can even be executed with the addition of a skingraft instead of a suture. The scar is going to be extracted using a punch biopsy tool and instead of suture the incision, the doctor may fill it using a skin graft of the individual’s own epidermis.

Punch Elevation

Punch elevation is utilized primarily on deeper boxcar scars. The idea is to eliminate the scar employing the same excision approach where a biopsy instrument eliminates the scar, but instead of suture or graft the wound, the scar tissue will be raised and reattached. This reduces the depth of the scar and lessens the probability of discoloration coming from various skin becoming grafted as a replacement.

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