You’ve got a bad case of dry skin and think its eczema, but have you ever heard of Xerotic eczema?

More commonly referred to as winter itch or just plain dry skin, this nagging condition is signified by cracked skin. While the majority of xerotic eczema rears its ugly head mainly in the dead of winter, it can affects us during all times of the year. The break of fall is another time that the human body experiences dry skin in the  arms, legs, and trunk areas.

Xerotic eczema symptoms

Similar to other forms of eczema, xerotic eczema is signified by red patches on the epidermis of the skin. But what identifies zerotic eczema is the cracking that appears in addition to the scaly appearance coupled with dark colored patches. Many individuals also experience bleeding if excessive scratching occurs.

Xerotic eczema causes

This condition can be caused by a combination of cold weather, low humidity, and excessive bathing.

Xerotic Eczema

Xerotic Eczema

Did you realize that water can lead to dry skin? It’s important to apply a moisturizer immediately after a shower or bath to lock in the moisture to keep the skin hydrated. Excessive bathing or showering results in the elimination of your body oils which directly result in dry skin.

Indoor heating units such as heat pumps and especially gas heat can eliminate the moisture in the air and contribute to xerotic eczema.

Xerotic eczema treatment

The simple answer to this question is to bath less frequently, a maximum once per and possibly every other day to maintain the body oils.

Many varieties of soap also contribute to dry skin. Whether it’s a bar of soap or laundry soap, the skin can become sensitive to it especially in the winter months. Look for soaps that contain moisturizers.

With regards to laundry detergents and fabric softeners, avoid changing both of these during the winter months if possible. The chemicals present in both can develop into xerotic eczema.

Did you know that fabric softener sheets are more likely to cause dry skin than liquid fabric softener?

Xerotic eczema complications

The obvious choice here is the possibility of bacterial infections especially ringworm. Ringworm is normally found in the scalp area but can present itself on other areas of the human body. It’s easily identified by the red ring around a tan colored patch of skin.

How to get rid of xerotic eczema fast!

Have you ever heard of the following saying, “ an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!”

We’ve mentioned bathing less and using moisturizer but here’s probably the easiest precaution you can do. Drink lots of water to stay hydrated!

We’ve talked about dry skin and xerotic eczema in this article. Be sure to visit our other articles about the various forms of eczema along with their signs, symptoms, and treatments.

xerotic eczema

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