Eczema is a very personalized skin disorder that can become more serious if not addressed in its early stages. The truth is you cannot stop eczema from spreading.

Eczema is characterized by itchiness, irritation, and red areas or dry patches on the skin (xerotic eczema) and the signs and symptoms of eczema vary from person to person.

Eczema can be exacerbated by wind, extreme temperatures, hot or cold weather, along with anxiety or stress. It is naturally a part of your DNA so there is no cure per say. However, this article offers some very promising, affordable products and remedies that can help you achieve relief that will reduce and prevent signs of eczema.

Below are the best DIY home remedies I’ve come across that work.

EczemaHere are 10 steps to help relieve eczema:

1. Eliminate or reduce dairy products. Dairy is known to exacerbate eczema. Try soy, goat, or sheep cheeses. Good milk or cream substitutes include rice or almond milk or coconut/almond creamers which you can find at a health food store.

2. Avoid shell fish, sugar, yeast, tomatoes (including ketchup or hot sauce), strawberries and pineapple as these foods are also known to exacerbate eczema.

3. These healthy, cruelty-free topicals can help calm dry, itchy skin on the body. Popular Skinlasting Body Hydratoroffers several skin relieving properties such as lactic acid for gentle exfoliation, vitamin C and green tea to help calm inflammation and hyaluronic acid for moisture. This product is absolutely amazing! It retails for $49 at dermatologists offices but is only $28.95 at

And excellent non-pore-clogging, skin hydrating option is our premium Squalane Oil derived from olives. It mimics the natural sebum of the skin without clogging. It helps smooth fine lines and wrinkles on the face and genital area. Squalane Oil can be used on the entire body and also makes a great personal lubricant.

4. An effective salicylic acid cleanser can help to exfoliate (slough off) dry skin without irritation. Try superior Beyond Clean Cleanseron face and body. It offers salicylic acid and anti-inflammatory zinc and age-defying seakelp bioferment which is a tremendous, non-oily moisturizing agent for the skin.

NOTE: All products noted above are free of parabens, synthetic dyes, fragrance or petrochemicals (mineral oil) and are also cruelty-free. Find them at                                                                                                              How to stop eczema from spreading 1

5. Taking a daily essential fatty acid (EFA) supplement such as fish oil, borage oil or flax oil can help calm eczema. EFA’s are anti-inflammatory.

6. Drinking teas containing honey, ginger or chamomile can assist in eczema care. Foods such as peas, snow peas, split pea soup and ginger soup are good choices for calming eczema. Try this Chinese tonic as it is known to help.

  • Add 2 tsbp. bee pollen
  • Add 2 tsbp. raw honey
  • Add 1 tsbp. ginseng extract to a cup of hot water
  • Stir and drink each morning
  • You can find bee pollen and ginseng extract at your health food store

7. Stress can cause an outbreak of eczema. Try oral Rescue Remedy made with plants and herbs. Just spray it under the tongue to calm nerves. Get it at a health food store. Seek the attention of a dermatologist if stress persists but do also ask about natural calming alternatives – instead of drugs – if possible.

8. Milk thistle (a supplement) can help relieve eczema as well as detoxify the liver. It can also help balance hormones. Check with your doctor before taking supplements.

9. Fatty acids in oatmeal moisturize dry skin and reduce inflammation. Pour a cup of oatmeal in a bathtub with tepid (not hot) water. Hot water causes dry, itchy skin.

10.Dandelion root tea is a blood purifier that can help with eczema and psoriasis. Milk thistle can also help relieve eczema as well as detoxify the liver. It can also help balance hormones. Check with your doctor before taking supplements.

How to stop eczema from spreading 1