New lice shampoo Sklice poised to fight head lice!

The FDA approved the newest product used to treat head lice in early February 2012. Sklice Lotion is the newest head lice shampoo. This prescription medication is recommended for ages from 6 months an older.

Lice are found on the scalp and in clothing. They are small insects that feed off a person’s blood. They cause severe itching from the saliva they inject into the scalp. The saliva of a louse is also know to prevent clotting in the adjacent areas of the scalp.

Sklice is a manufactured product of Sanofi, a French company. The company tested Skilce with more than 780 individuals. Results showed that after 14 days, most of those who had been infested with

New lice shampoo sklice targets head lice

New lice shampoo sklice targets head lice

lice did not need the daily combing to remove the nits. Additional data showed that the Sklice lotion groups had a larger number of individual that were louse free.

Ivermectin is the key ingredient in the Sklice Lotion. Ivermectin, a member of the avermectin class, attacks the muscle cells and invertebrate nerves of the parasite. The end result is an all out paralysis and attack of the parasite eventually resulting in death. Ivermectin has been most notably used in the treatment of worm infections for close to 20 years because of its  anti-parasitic characteristics.

For more technical medical information about Sklice and ivermectin, click this link.

How to use Sklice:

  • Usage of SKLICE Lotion should be identical to any other prescription medication. Follow your physicians instruction.
  • All bedding, garments, and undergarments should be washed in hot water. This also includes hats, towels, and bedding.
  • Combs, brushes, and other hair items should be washed in hot water and disinfectant soap.
  • Dead lice and eggs can still be eradicated via a nit comb or fine tooth comb.

SKLICE Lotion is to be applied to hair that is dry. Use up to one tube and completely fill the entire hair and scalp. SKLICE Lotion is recommended to be left on the hair and scalp for a minimum of 10 minutes before rinsing.

Sklice can it irritate the eyes, so avoid contact with them.

The tube is intended for single use; discard any unused portion.

Adverse reactions to Sklice:

The most common adverse reactions included eye infection and irritation, dandruff and dry skin.

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