How to get rid of head lice with prescription medication.

If you’ve exhausted the over-the counter medications for head lice treatment and still are having problems getting rid of either the live louses or the nits, your next step is prescription medications.

As always, you should and will need to see your physician to get a prescription medication. Should you experience any allergic reaction to head lice medication or additional head lice symptoms, immediately contact your doctor.

The medications which we have listed have all been tested and approved the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for head lice treatment. These prescriptions are stronger than the over-the-counter lice treatment medications. They are available only by prescription.

Note:  Should you experience crawling lice following the entire course of treatment you should immediately contact the physician.

What is Malathion lotion?

Malathion is considered an organophosphate. Malathion lotion 0.5% has been tested and approved for the treatment of head lice by the FDA.

Malathion is safe and effective is the directions are followed. It is a pediculicidal (eliminates live lice) and partially ovicidal (eradicates lice eggs). If lice are still present seven to nine days following the first treatment, a second treatment could be recommended.

Malathion is recommended for youngsters six years old and above. Mild irritation of the scalp is a

Prescription Medication for Head Lice

Prescription Medication for Head Lice

known side effect of Malathion. You should avoid all contact with your eyes if using Malathion.

Malathion lotion is flammable so it should not be used around flammable substances including electrical heat sources, including hair dryers, curlers, and curling or flat irons. Do not smoke when using malathion lotion.

Prescription medication Malathion lotions for head lice treatment:

  1. Ovide
  2. Malathion

What is benzyl alcohol?

Benzyl alcohol is alcohol that is classified as an aromatic. Approved by the Food and Drug Administration, benzyl alcohol lotion comes in a white topical lotion and has been deemed effective in the eradication of head lice if the directions are followed.

Similar to other over-the-counter and prescribed head lice treatment medications, Benzyl alcohol will eliminate live lice (it is pediculicidal) but does get rid of unhatched lice eggs (it is not ovicidal). Normally, day nine dictates that a second treatment of benzyl alcohol lotion is required to kill new louses prior to new eggs being created and hatched.

Kids age six and older can use benzyl alcohol lotion for head lice treatment. Similar to other lotions, benzyl alcohol can cause eye and skin irritation so avoid all contact with those areas.

Prescription medication benzyl alchohol for head lice treatment:

  • Brand name product: Ulesfia lotion

What is Lindane?

Lindane is referred to as an organochloride. Lindane recently lost its endorsement from the The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) as a pediculocide.

The Food and Drug Administration approved Lindane shampoo for treatment of head lice although it is not recommended for front line treatment.

If ingested, Lindane can be toxic to the brain and other parts of the nervous system. All other forms of treatment should have been attempted before opting Lindane.

Caution:  Always consult your physician first. Lindane is only available as a prescription medication.

What are the Lindane shampoo risks?

Lindane should not be used to treat premature infants, persons with HIV, a seizure disorder, women who are pregnant or breast-feeding, persons who have very irritated skin or sores where the lindane will be applied, infants, children, the elderly, and persons who weigh less than 110 pounds.

Prescription medication lindane for head lice treatment:

Lindane shampoo 1%

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prescription medication for head lice treatment