Read this short story about crows feet, does it sound familiar?

You wake up one morning and take a look in the mirror and catch a glimpse of these lines starting to appear around the corner of your eyes.

In a panic, you head to the internet to do some research.  Google is the main search engine of choice and you type is a phrase like “wrinkles on edges of eyes” and end up at this website, SkinCareByLouisa. There you find out the dreaded “crows feet” might be creeping up on you.

By doing some additional research you find the term crows feet relates to the multiple wrinkles which deepen over time and expand out from the corners of you eyes. They’re called crows feet because they appear like “the many toes of a crow.” But crows feet aren’t limited to the eyes, check out your cheeks, brow and forehead, they’re great candidates for crows feet also.

If you’ve got fine lines and wrinkles that start expanding from the corner of your eyes, than most likely crows feet is the answer. The good news is this condition is completely manageable with a little

crows feet

What are crows feet?

work and a dose of preventative medicine.

And, even better news is that crows feet is a sign of age.

What causes crows feet?

Are you a sun lover?

How many hours do you spend in the sun during the day?

It’s pretty obvious from the above questions that exposure to the sun must be a major contributing factor to the development of fine lines and wrinkles on the corners of your eyes.

Did you know that sunlight has a tendency to cause people to squint which promotes the formation of crows feet? It also causes facial wrinkles to form in other areas besides the corners of the eyes.

So, preventative tip number one to get rid of crows feet would be to limit the amount of exposure to sunlight. Now, if that’s not possible because of your occupation, then sunscreen to keep the epidermis of the skin hydrated needs to be incorporated into your routine. Additionally, make sure you wear some type of hat, preferably a wide brimmed hat to control the exposure to sunlight and reduce the effects of sun damaged skin.

Are you a smoker?

Not only is smoking a health risk factor but it’s also been known to contribute to the formation of crows feet due to squinting of the eye. The main reason behind this are the airborn irritants passed off from the burning of tobacco and the smoke byproduct.

What type of skin care routines do you have?

Individuals are more likely to develop a case of crows feet if they have either no skin care routine or a routine that is inconsistent.

So what’s the best crows feet treatment?

Eye creams –  you only need to search the internet to find a ton of products developed to control crows feet. Make sure your product is paraben free. You can visit Hollywood Beauty Secrets for what I believe are the best eye cream for crows feet and what I recommend to my clients.

Red Light Therapy – we’ve had great success with LED Light Therapy for controlling and eliminating crows feet. Light therapy is used along with a good skin care regimen but the results have been outstanding. Plus, it’s non-invasive and can be done in little time right in the comfort of your home.

Make sure you visit my DPL Therapy System page for more information and the lowest price on the web!

These are my two recommendations on how to get rid of crows feet. They work and they’re safe!

Now, there is another remedy but it will involve botox injections. It’s a quick fix and it lasts for months but you’ll need to be prepared for the cost factor also because it can get pricey.


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