food toxin

Food Toxin

Toxin is a broadly used term in skin care, health, and nutrition.

Toxin is defined as a poisonous substance produced by living cells and organisms. The tissues of the human body are affected by enzymes and receptors in the cells which further develop into minute molecules, peptides, and proteins which cause problems.

Do you know what the term Toxicant means?

Many of us ingest loads of manufactured products into our diet each and every day. A toxicant is the byproduct the manufactured substances and can also be a poisonous substance.

Just exactly what are toxins is an important question because we need to understand how the effect our body, its functions, and the related organs that keep us alive. Studies have shown that toxins are the leading cause of disease, weight gain or loss, and the eventual decrease in one’s health.

Understanding how to avoid toxins is a crucial step to better and long lasting good health.

While a toxin can be any toxic substance it’s important that we have an understanding what types of toxins exist, where they are, and how they cause problems.

Have you ever heard of the term teratogens?

It’s a fancy term for a poison. But more specifically, a toxin or toxicant is a chemical compound which [hmtad name=”Additional Ad Unit 11″ align=”floatright”]has a negative impact on us. Toxins can be injected into a living organism via man-made processes or through the normal day-to-day living activities we undertake.

Here’s a short list of toxins by category. Pesticides can be toxicants through the manufacturing of insecticides which are used against insects. Herbicides are toxins used to kill weeds in agriculture. They all have their place in today’s world but some are more harmful than others.

Other more common teratogenic items that we’re aware are a part of everyday life:

Drugs and medications like Tobacco, caffeine, NSAID’s, and alcohol

Environmental chemicals such as dioxins, PCB’s, PCDF’s, mercury, and bromide

Radiation including x-rays, radiation therapy, atomic weapon fallout, and background radiation

Infections include herpes virus, rubella, and syphilis

metabolic imbalance such as diabetes, nutritional deficiencies, alcoholism, tumors, and congenital heart block

Long term exposure to toxins is known to result in health problems to the skin, human body, blood vessels and circulatory systems and can eventually result in death.

What is a body toxin?

Quite simply a toxin absorbed through ingestion or through the skin (epidermis) is considered a body toxin.

But just how does a body toxin circulate through the body?

Your veins, arteries, and capillaries make up the transportation system we know as blood vessels. Chemicals that are absorbed through our skin, which is the largest organ of the human body enter the blood stream and are transported via blood vessels to other areas of the body.

Once ingested, they’re absorbed by our digestive system which is unable to break down these toxins. The next step the body takes is how to remove toxins from the body. It begins to build a defense system against them. This process includes the build-up of fat as an outer wall of defense. While the defense mechanism is being manufactured, the toxins are reacting with surrounding cells.

Now our bodies have the capability to fight many toxins by our natural cleansing processes. But as larger amounts of toxins enter the body, it becomes saturated and can’t keep up with the detoxification it requires. Thus, problems develop.

What is a food toxin?

If you’ve had some health issues which have resulted in weight gain, unexplained diseases, cancer, and premature death the first place to look at would be your diet.

As foods are grown, many pesticides and herbicides are used to combat disease but that is also a double edged sword because these can be absorbed into the plants while they grow. Even though all supermarkets and grocery stores are required to cleanse and wash these foods the toxins are deep rooted into the cells of the fruits and vegetables.

Any foods that have modified DNA can be predisposed to toxins because of the specific changes made to their DNA to make them immune to certain pesticides and herbicides.

It’s the consumption of these types of foods which can cause problems long term for us. Similar to body toxins, once our system becomes overloaded with toxins, it stores them in the fat cells which eventually results in health related issues like weight gain and cancers.

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