The following lice treatment can be used on the three types of lice:

1. Different skin types mean that if you plan on using over-the-counter medications, please be sure to read the instructions carefully. Never get the medication near your eyes. For severe cases, contact your physician immediately. Also, common sense and home remedies for lice can prevent the problem for manifesting.

2. Towel dry or wash the lice infested areas

3. For medications including lice shampoo, use according to the instructions and completely saturate pubic hair, scalp, or other lice infested areas. Do not remove the medication for hair before the recommended time frame as you will not receive the full benefit of the medication. Following the instructions, remove medication exactly as described.

4. Nits have a tendency to attach themselves to the hair shaft, however, following the lice treatments, they can be removed by fine tooth comb, lice comb, or by your fingernails.

5. Always completely change you entire wardrobe and put on clean clothes and underwear followinglice treatment a treatment.

6. Machine wash your clothes thoroughly using soap.and hot water (at least 130°F) and the hot dryer cycle. Also wash any towels, bed linens, and other garments that could have been infested.

Plastic bags should be used to store all items that cannot be washed or dry cleaned.  Store for a minimum of two weeks as this is the amount of time needed for any lice (louse) to completely die after being detached from the host.

7. Anyone whom you have had sexual activity with in the previous 30 days should be contacted and informed of the problem. Avoid any sexual activity until the problem has been completely eradicated.

8. If on any follow up checks live lice or nits are found, repeat the exact same process for an additional 10-14 days.

9. Per the article on pubic lice, anyone with pubic lice or genital lice should be checked for a sexually transmitted disease (SDS).

10. For treating lice detected in the eyes or eyebrow areas, you can remove these by hand or by using a lice comb. Make use of ophthalmic-grade petrolatum ointment (only available by prescription) to the eyelid margins 2-4 times a day for 10 days if needed.

The best lice prevention and treatment of lice is using common sense and person hygiene.

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