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Skincare Questions Answered

by Louisa Graves When should I start using antiaging products? It is never too late to start an antiaging routine but September seems to be the most popular time of year to revamp your skin care, due to post-summer sun damage. A good anti-aging routine should be quick and involve only a few key products. […]


Simple Clean Makeup for Mature Skin

by Louisa Graves I’m a big believer in simple, clean makeup because I think it makes you look younger and fresher. Too often we get stuck doing something that looked good 20 years ago, not taking into account any new “friends” we may have picked up through the years, like dark circles and fine lines […]


The Truth About Vitamin C Serum

by Louisa Graves Vitamin C – The Truth About This Effective Skin Brightener Want to know the truth about Vitamin C Serum? Vitamin C is an extremely common vitamin that can help provide extraordinary, unparalleled results for your skin. But not all Vitamin C serums are equal.  A high quality Vitamin C serum lightens and […]