Acne and blemishes can result from blood sugar spikes, or low levels of zinc, Vitamin A or beta-carotene. Below are several natural ways to get rid of acne and blemishes: 1. Vitamin A, zinc, beta-carotene and soy contain excellent mild acne and blemish-blasting properties. You can take supplements or try these foods: Vitamin A-rich foods […]

by Louisa Graves Pigmentation spots, uneven skin tone and freckles may be a result of sun exposure, hormone imbalances, contraceptives, childbirth, or pregnancy. NOTE: Do not use Retinol (retinoids) or hydroquinone if pregnant, breast feeding or planning to become pregnant. Check with your doctor before using skin fading products or taking supplements. Below I’ve listed some […]

by Lisa Matsuda and Louisa Graves Unfortunately, aging IS inevitable. It’s a part of life. Embrace it and take these easy, doable steps to age-defy your skin. Most women are pleasantly surprised that when they turn 30, they have fewer wrinkles than they thought they’d have…if any at all! The truth is women in their […]

Many women ask me, what are treatments for cellulite? Even though there are numerous products and procedures that advertise the elimination of cellulite on the thighs and butt, there is little proof that many of these work efficiently. I’ve noted a few cost-effective tips and treatments for cellulite that won’t break the bank and have shown […]

Now that the weather is warm, spending time outdoors is a given for most people. Other than applying an effective sunscreen, there are other preventative measures you can take to protect yourself from the sun’s harsh UVA and UVB rays. If your skin suffers from sun damage such as spots, sunburns or wrinkles, there is […]

Now I’ve seen it all. There have been some crazy skincare trends to hit the internet over the last few years. Some include putting mustard on the face as a mask and using school glue as a peel-off mask, while others follow a ridiculous a 12-step!! beauty routine to keep their skin hydrated and wrinkle-free.As […]

One of the issues many of us deal with is cellulite on our arms, legs, and buttocks. Stem cell products are known to help rejuvenate and firm the skin. However, most stem cell serums are sold in small 15 ml. jars and are designed for the face, but there is good news. Our new Cellulite […]

We all want the beautiful, vibrant glow that we had in our 20’s. While it is a privilege to be able to see the later years of your life, sometimes wrinkles, age spots, and sagging get the best of your skin during that time. Luckily, we offer some of the most outstanding, high-end skin care […]

When issues arise with your skin, such a wrinkles, age spots, scars or wounds,  it can be challenging. When we are suddenly challenged with wrinkles and sagging skin, many women and men can feel hopeless or depressed. Fortunately, groundbreaking and cost-effective red light therapy can address a wide range of skin aging conditions and concerns. […]

If you are continually looking for ways to up your skin care game, you may have read about the many benefits of emu oil. Emu oil, which is derived from a large, flightless bird, addresses a variety of health and skin care issues. Emu oil is rich in omega fatty acids so it can help […]

While it is a blessing to grow old, it is not always a blessing to deal with the signs of aging in our skin. Over time, our body stops producing collagen, the property that makes us look youthful and healthy. As skin loses collagen, wrinkles form, age spots appear, and our skin does not look […]

When it comes to taking care of your skin, the quality of skin care products you apply, are key to achieving a beautiful, youthful-looking complexion and a healthy body. Parabens, which are some of the most commonly used synthetic preservatives in the beauty industry, can do more harm to your skin than good. Parabens are […]

We all strive to achieve beautiful, clear and youthful-looking skin. Understanding EGF cream products can be confusing. There are some made by doctors and some on the web to choose from,  but finding the ones that are healthy, affordable and actually work for your lifestyle, skin type, and daily routine can be difficult.  One that […]

One of the most unique, groundbreaking therapies in the anti-aging field of skin care has been red light therapy. Using specific wavelengths of red and infrared light emitting diodes (LEDs), you can activate the production of collagen, which is what your body slows down producing as you age, to help smooth and plump the wrinkles […]

by Lisa Matsuda I’d like to welcome my niece, Lisa Matsuda as a contributor to the HollywoodBeautySecrets team. Thank you Lisa. What are parabens? Parabens are widely used in the cosmetics industry as a preservative and as an anti-microbial agent that prevent mould and bacteria. There are three types of parabens in cosmetics products that […]

by Louisa Graves   Want to know how to tighten and firm sagging skin, jowls and neck? You’re gonna love this cost effective regimen I recommend to all women and men over the age of 45. If you’re contemplating a face lift – stop the presses and try this first. My 2-Phase regimen has worked […]

This article was written by my colleague, nutritionist Rick Wagner and founder of Eidon Ionic Minerals.  Silica is important for health and beauty. Silica’s overall optimal bodily function has been recognized for quite some time. As early as 1878, Louis Pasteur predicted that silica would be found to be an important therapeutic substance for many […]

Hand Model Secrets: Louisa Graves teaches you how to paint your nails like a hand model in this step-by-step video!  

This is my famous beauty tip recipe about how to whiten nails. I’ve shared with make-up artists and they have an actress who has really yellow, stained nails, or has been wearing dark nail polish.. It works so well! Follow these easy steps to whiten nails, here they are! 1. All you need are two […]

If you’ve got a plantar wart, there’s any easy way to get rid of it using a product from the local hardware store. And best of all it’s chemical free! Here are the easy to manage steps to get rid of warts: 1. Wash the wart in soap and water 2. File it down 3. […]

So how do you get rid of spider veins naturally. In this “1 Minute Beauty Tip Video”, I ama going to show you a great way to fade and get rid of spider veins naturally and for pennies on the dollar compared to expensive varicose vein and sclerotherapy treatment. Now this is a great way […]

Detoxification of your Body will Improve Hormone Balance, Increase Metabolism and Help Lose Weight. Detoxification is a process by which your body transforms toxins and medications into harmless molecules that can easily be eliminated from your body. In order to be healthy and achieve weight loss, your body has to have the ability to detoxify […]

Avoid body lotions containing parabens like the plague! After showering we apply lotions to the body especially during the winter months to help prevent the dry itchy skin. But the problem with many of the lotions today is that they contain parabens which can affect our health and our hormones. Take a look at my […]