What is collagen? Collagen is a hard, insoluble and fibrous protein substance which makes up one third of the protein found in the human body. Molecules are packed together in order to form long thin fibrils. This substance helps hold the body together and it is the most abundant protein in the body. It’s found […]

by Louisa Graves Try these easy and affordable DIY Remedies to help lift and tone your jaw line and face: 1. Do this EASY facial exercise. Using both pinky fingers, hook one into each side of your mouth. With face tilted slight up, hold your pinky fingers firmly in place, so they create resistance on […]

How to Get Firm Arms As you know, a body vibration plate can quickly speed muscle toning. You can get a special wholesale price on two models of our DUAL motor vibration plates at my website. But for those who do not have a body vibration plate, lifting dumb bells can also help to tone […]

The Dirtiest Pesticide-Laden Fruits & Veggies The Environmental Working Group regularaly releases their shopper’s guide to pesticides in produce. This awareness website is wonderful. I check in with them for health updates and you want to do that too. Here’s the latest on pesticides on produce. The top 12 fruits and veggies listed noted below […]

Third in a series of Head To Toe Beauty Help EGF (Epidermal Growth Factors) Creams EGF creams help regain lost volume in the face and help lift and firm mature, dry, menopausal skin. Amazing scientific discovery, EGF (Epidermal Growth Factor) combines 53 blocks of protein that restore the skin’s density. The proteins penetrate and bind the […]

Second in the series of Head To Toe Beauty Help Exfoliators Those with dry/mature skin can safely use a scrub or cream exfoliant. Cream exfoliants such as alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) or glycolic acid gently slough off dull surface cells without irritation. A natural, thick scrub made up of volcanic sand and dead sea salts […]

First in a series of Head to Toe Beauty Help Below are some effective head to toe skin care suggestions for those with normal to dry or mature skin. Effective Cleanser for all skin types: Cleanse skin morning and evening to reduce pores and prevent milia. Gentle foaming cleansers that offer antioxidants and extracts can […]

How to create an Age Spot Reducer for Hands & Forearms The scrubbing action of baking soda, the lactic acid in yogurt and bleaching power of lemon juice make this an effective recipe for an age-spot reducer on hands and forearms. Ingredients: 6 tbsp. plain yogurt 3 tbsp. fresh lemon juice 10 -12 tbsp. baking […]

Here’s some useful tips on “How To Look Younger”. We all know the importance of applying daily sun screen each day. The sun’s damaging UV rays are proven to cause oxidation resulting in wrinkles, age-spots, uneven skin tone and several forms of skin cancer. Did you know that skin damage can start after just ONE […]

How to Make A Dairy-Free Protein Shake On those extra busy mornings, a healthy dairy-free protein shake is a great way to get nutrients and increase my energy quickly. However, many protein powders on the market are made with whey – which is derived from dairy. Many individuals prefer a dairy-free diet because it can […]

What is Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF)? EGF (also known as Epidermal Growth Factor) is made up of blocks of protein that restore the skin’s volume and density. The proteins penetrate and bind the cells of the dermis (where collagen forms) and epidermis (surface of the skin) accelerating the formation of thicker, firmer, healthier looking skin […]

Try These Bum And Leg Shaping Exercises That Really Work Just in time for spring, the following two exercises can help to effectively tone and tighten your bum and thighs within two weeks. Best of all, they are easy to perform. When done, be sure to stretch to elongate the muscles and prevent stiffness the […]

How to Purify the Air in Your Home I am a big fan of nature’s air purifier – Himalayan salt crystal lamps for home and office air purification. They are scientifically proven to help purify the air of pollution, mold, carbon monoxide, smoke, bacteria and viruses. The lovely glow emitted from the lamp also helps […]

How to Get Plump Lips with Cinnamon All you need is coconut oil and cinnamon to make this hydrating lip plumper. Enjoy! Visit my Youtube page for the recipe. This is the link to my video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2oApoDs8Y6w

Check Out These Two Top Weight Loss Plateau-Busting Tips! Has your weight loss suddenly come to a screeching halt? Want to kick your body back into fat-burning mode, safely and quickly? Rev up your weight loss goals, drop two or more pounds of fat per week, lower cholesterol, prevent strokes, halt food cravings, and protect […]

How do Peptides Rejuvenate the skin? Peptides rejuvenate, reduce, and repair wrinkles, increase moisture, and restructure the dermal matrix. They are scientifically proven to repair and smooth the look of wrinkles, they help brighten, hydrate and thicken skin by stimulating collagen production up to 327% and hyaluronic acid production (moisture) up to 267%. Learn more […]

What Is The Truth About Peptides? There are so many anti-aging peptide serums on the market these days but I can 100% guarantee that NO commercial doctor brand, no department store brand or pricey skin care brand can boast this…. -> 100% Matrixyl peptides in one bottle!! The “The Truth About Peptides” is most of those […]

Why Your Lines, Wrinkles And Blemishes are History! One of my clients, Connie sent me this recent testimonial that I wanted to share with you. She says, “I am using the new sleek Red Light Therapy light I purchased from HollywoodBeautySecrets.com and am having great success with it! My skin looks plumper, fine lines are […]

Did you know you have “Hidden Health Hazards in Your Home?” Did you know that thermal sales receipts are treated with BPA? And canned goods are lined with BPA? BPA is a health hazard that causes hormonal disruptions and imbalances – linked to brain fog, soft muscles and weight gain, so it’s best to avoid […]

What are BPA- Free Canned Goods? As many of you have read in my previous entry, BPA can cause weight gain, hormonal imbalances and soft muscle tone!! Great news. Several food manufacturers have informed Environmental Working Group that they no longer use BPA-based metal cans. They include Farmer’s Market Foods, Inc., Natural Value, Inc., Amy’s […]

Healthy Mineral Makeup I’m a big fan of Mineral Fusion pressed powder foundation. It offers so many wonderful age-defying ingredients that are loaded with antioxidants, skin soothers and brighteners. They include pomegranate, white tea, red tea, mangosteen, sea kelp, vitamin C and E. licorice root, aloe vera, mango and cucumber so all skin types can […]

This is why you should never tweeze nose hair! A new strain of staph infection called MRSA is becoming a seriously common bacterial infection. And the shocking news is, MRSA is extremely difficult to treat because it is immune to many antibiotics! MRSA can show up in lots of different parts of the body including […]

Many dermatologists, spa owners and skin care experts agree that Stem Cell Serum can help combat aging skin. And the great news is that our premium stem cell serum is a potent formulation that is always available at a deep discount price. This revolutionary formula is made with quality stem cells derived from PhytoCellTech™ Malus […]

Unhappy with your over-tweezed brows from the 1990’s? Are you challenged with sparse brows that won’t grow back? Want to redefine your brows so they look authentic and 100% real? I’ve got fabulous news. I’m excited to introduce you to THE most affordable, permanent makeup technique that mimics the look of REAL brow hair! It’s […]

Most coffee creamers are loaded with fat, sugar or unhealthy chemicals. But you can make your own delicious, healthy creamer with the following ingredients. Get them at Trader Joe’s or your favorite health food store   1 cup organic unsweetened almond milk 3 tsp. organic vanilla extract 45 mg. (1 scoop) of Trader Joe’s Organic […]