One of my clients called me recently to reveal how our Body Vibration Plate and Red Light Therapy System have played an integral role in helping with Lyme disease recovery. Here’s what she wrote…

DPL II and Body Vibe Plate“Hello Louisa: I have Lyme and one of the major health issues with Lyme is chronic inflammation in the body that affects all of your joints, hips, knees, hands etc….A product called Blue Majik was a life saver. I was taking 2 ounces of freshly squeezed turmeric prior to finding blue majik and there is no comparison and it is also more cost effective.

I also use my LED Red light system on my face and back of my head to help kill off the spirochetes from Lyme that corkscrew into your brain. Once a week I lay in my infrared blanket that I also purchased from you (a few years ago) that helps detoxify my system to help with the neurotoxins that my body has to deal with during the “die off period.”. The vibration plate also helps flush the neurotoxins out . I hear horror stories from individuals how they cannot even get out of bed. I have been using all of the products prior to being diagnosed with Lyme. I truly believe as well as my Doctors that my healthy regimen (no sugar, flour or alcohol and eating pesticide-free foods) the products mentioned here, have played a major role in my recovery and why I have been able to function on a daily basis. I just wanted to mention to you as well that before purchasing all of the products from you I did my due diligence regarding price and quality… there was no comparison. Thank you Louisa.”
Sincerely, Patricia A. P., Florida

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