What are BPA- Free Canned Goods?

HBS Skin News BPA Free Canned GoodsAs many of you have read in my previous entry, BPA can cause weight gain, hormonal imbalances and soft muscle tone!! Great news. Several food manufacturers have informed Environmental Working Group that they no longer use BPA-based metal cans. They include Farmer’s Market Foods, Inc., Natural Value, Inc., Amy’s Kitchen, Inc., Euro-USA Trading Co., and Crown Prince, Inc.. Their labels note “BPA-free”.

But some companies, that have switched to BPA-free cans, don’t note this on their cans. Wouldn’t that increase their sales? For instance, S&W Organic Beans were expected to switch to BPA-free cans by May 2013. I checked their labels recently and didn’t see BPA-free on them. So I phoned and emailed them and today they informed me that their “organic” beans are now labelled BPA-free but their conventional beans are still in non-BPA-free cans.

The fact is regulatory measures do not exist to ensure that BPA-free labeling is credible. And some BPA-free canned goods manufacturers do not need to provide proof that their cans are 100% free of BPA! However, a BPA-free label should mean that minimal amounts of BPA will be found in the food. Make a call or email your favorite bean suppliers to be sure. Making just one call – can make a huge difference. Your call can help make our food safer and healthier. BTW: I have done this with many skin and body care manufacturers who used unsafe ingredients, and to date, they have all switched to paraben and phthalate-free products. So one person CAN make a difference! 🙂