Try These Bum And Leg Shaping Exercises That Really Work

Vein Free LegsJust in time for spring, the following two exercises can help to effectively tone and tighten your bum and thighs within two weeks. Best of all, they are easy to perform. When done, be sure to stretch to elongate the muscles and prevent stiffness the following day.

Exercise # 1:

STEP 1: Stand with feet about 20 inches apart while holding a 5 lb. dumbbell with both hands (centered). Engage your stomach muscles, holding them tightly, then tilt your bum out and lower your body to a squat position, while lifting the dumbbell up to chest position. Hold the squat and the dumbbell at chest height or 12 seconds. Be sure to squeeze your bum and thighs tightly while in this position.

STEP 2: Next, push up from your heels, to stand up while dropping your arms down in center front. Repeat this exercise 12 times.

Exercise #2:

STEP 1: Stand with feet hip width apart and place hands on hips. Step forward with your right leg and bend it in a lunge position. Hold for 20 seconds, squeezing your thigh muscles tightly.

STEP 2: Next, push up from your right heel to come up. Pushing up from your heel, focuses on firming the bum and back of legs. Repeat this exercise on your left leg. Do 10 reps on each leg.