Check out this DHA/Omega 3 Alternative!

We know it’s important to consume omega 3’s (fatty acids). They help support our respiratory and heart health. So taking them daily and especially during cold and flu season is very important. The good news is you can get DHA/EPA Omega 3s in a much safer, non-rancid form. It’s called Vectomega®. It’s a whole food that offers omega 3 DHA/EPA with unique bioactive salmon peptides for superior brain and heart health.

Vectomega is:

– not a fish oil therefore will not cause fish burps,

– cold processed salmon – extracted without chemicals, solvents or excessive heat,

– omega-3 from salmon as nature intended, never chemically altered so is the best form for brain health,

– offers five types of heart and brain healthy phospholipids (great for brain support and especially good for those challenged with Alzheimer’s, dementia, or brain fog,

– offers zero rancidity

– third party tested for purity – no concerns with toxins, heavy metals or contaminants,

– hexane-free

– just one tablet a day

Find it at your local health food store or contact me if you need a source. Find our contact info on our home page.