If you are continually looking for ways to up your skin care game, you may have read about the many benefits of emu oil. Emu oil, which is derived

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from a large, flightless bird, offers a variety of health and skin care benefits. Emu oil can help treat rashes, dry skin such as eczema can be used to calm skin issues associated with radiation therapy. However, did you know that emu oil is anti-aging? When applied topically, it helps smooth fine lines and wrinkles and speeds the healing of scars after surgery. Beauty Expert Louisa Graves of HollywoodBeautySecrets.com has recommended 100% pure emu oil to plastic surgery patients to help their post-surgical incisions heal faster with no scars! However, Louisa cautions that we read labels to ensure we are getting 100% pure emu oil. Below are a few more benefits of emu oil and how it helps your skin.

Helps improve the efficacy of anti-aging ingredients in your skin care products – Emu oil is the only oil that can penetrate all the way down the dermis of the skin where collagen forms! So if you apply 100% emu nightly – over your anti-aging peptide serums or EGF creams, the properties of emu oil will push those active ingredients down to the dermis for even faster anti-aging results.

Treats burns – Since emu oil is high in fatty acids, it can help reduce inflammation and pain of burns. It is also anti-microbial, so it helps disinfect burns to help prevent infection.

Good for back pain and inflammatory issues: Emu oil also comes in capsules which you can take orally. They are high in Omega 3, 6, and 9 to help reduce inflammation associated with diseases such as lupus or back pain which is also caused by inflammation.

Helps psoriasis – Psoriasis, a skin condition that causes scaly, thick patches of dry, inflamed skin, is an autoimmune disease. The anti-inflammatory properties of emu oil help to soothe the flare up and allow the immune system to fight off the infection within the body.

Important note: Recently investigators have discovered that several brands are cutting emu oil with deer oil. See 100% pure emu oil at a discount price at Louisa’s website HollywoodBeautySecrets.com

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