Louisa Green DressTo help firm and tighten sagging neck skin and jowls, try this regimen. Most women over the age of 45 battle with sagging neck skin and jowls and loss of elasticity. Using a micro roller needle twice a week or three times a week if you have time, can remedy these issues. You’ll see results starting at two weeks, but for the ultimate effect, do this regimen for 12 weeks.

In addition, by incorporating the Facial Flex after your treatment or every other day, you’ll work the muscle of the which helps to lift and support the neck and jowls. It even helps plump of your cheeks. Get the Facial Flex at our site for the lowest price. Reg. $44.99 – you pay only 39.95 at our website. And if you’re a newsletter subscriber, be sure to use your monthly coupon to get another $5.00 off.

You’ll need the following items which are all available at discount prices at our shop at www.HollywoodBeautySecrets.com:

Step 1. First cleanse and tone the skin.

Step 2. Apply three drops of any one of the serums noted above – on clean jowls and neck – using an upward motion.

Step 3. Gently roll the micro skin roller on neck and jowls.  NOTE: Do not use the needle roller unless skin is washed clean and free of all makeup or environmental pollution.

Micro skin roller usage TIPS: Do NOT press hard, just firmly enough – so that the skin turns pink – but does not bleed.  If you bleed, you are pressing too hard. Continue to gently glide the micro skin roller in an upward motion (in straight upward lines) on the neck and jowls –  for 5 passes. Remember, go slowly to prevent scratching your skin.

Step 4. After 5 upward passes, stop and re-apply more serum and do 5 passes going across the jowls and neck. Go slowly to prevent scratching the skin.

See the video on our Micro Needle Roller page. I am using Stem Cell Serum in the video, but you can choose any of the four high quality serums noted above ranging in prices from $29.95 to $49.95.

Step 5. When done, apply emu oil. Make sure to use our 100% pure Emu Oil. Many others on the market are diluted with deer oil or other cheap oils. Our 100% pure Emu oil helps push the active ingredients of the stem cell serum – deep into the skin for faster skin rejuvenation. It also helps to calm any redness or inflammation and encourages thicker skin. Leave this on overnight. **NOTE: If you are Vegan or vegetarian, apply the **Night Perfect instead of Emu Oil.

Step 6. Insert the Facial Flex into your mouth and do 120 to 150 reps to tighten and firm the supporting muscle of jowls, jaw line and neck. The Facial flex also plumps up our cheeks. You can use the Facial Flex every other day to encourage firmer muscle toning.

Be sure to change the rubber band on your Facial Flex (aka Facial Flex ultra) every week. Find the 14 oz.  resistance bands on our website.