How To Get Glowing Skin with Celery

HBS Skin News Glowing SkinBanish free radicals and keep your skin glowing with celery! Did you know that celery not only adds more fiber to our diet, it can also help reduce inflammation and fight free-radicals? According Dr. J. Zand, two recent studies reveal that celery contains three powerful anti-inflammatory agents (vitamin C, quercetin and luteolin), as well as additional scavenger-fighting antioxidants that help protect our health and reduce the signs of aging skin. One more fact about luteolin is that it’s also known to help provide relief of psoriasis and other inflammatory skin issues.

I like to snack on organic celery between meals. It’s a low-calorie, high fiber snack that quenches my thirst. NOTE: Be sure to buy ONLY organic celery. According to the Environmental Working Group, conventional celery is highly contaminated with pesticides! To protect your health – boycott conventional celery! Ask your produce manager to buy only organic celery. One voice CAN make a difference!