First in a series of Head to Toe Beauty Help

 Head To Toe Beauty HelpBelow are some effective head to toe skin care suggestions for those with normal to dry or mature skin.

Cleanser Choices:

Cleanse skin morning and evening to reduce pores and prevent milia. Gentle foaming cleansers that offer antioxidants and extracts can effectively remove makeup and impurities and help refine pores. For those with extra dry skin, another effective choice is a glycolic acid cleanser for gentle cleansing and exfoliation.

Be sure to wash with tepid (luke-warm) water. Do not use hot water on facial or body skin. Tepid water prevents dryness, broken capillaries and irritation. Follow with a toner to balance pH of skin.

Best Cleanser for Dry/Mature skin:

DMAE/Alpha Lipoic/C-Ester Firming Cleanser (gentle foaming)


An effective toner can balance the skin’s pH, preventing dryness and breakouts. Toner is an important step in any skin care regimen. It helps balance pH and hydrate the skin whether normal, dry or mature. I think you will love this gentle, antioxidant-rich, paraben-free toner because it removes remaining traces of cleanser, makeup and harsh chlorine found in tap water. It is alcohol-free and free fragrance so will not disrupt our hormones.

Best Toner for All Skin Types:

Anti-Aging Pycnogenol Toner