Did you know you have “Hidden Health Hazards in Your Home?”

Health Care Hazards In Your HomeDid you know that thermal sales receipts are treated with BPA? And canned goods are lined with BPA? BPA is a health hazard that causes hormonal disruptions and imbalances – linked to brain fog, soft muscles and weight gain, so it’s best to avoid BPA whenever possible. Are you familiar with those coiled energy-saving Light bulbs? They contain MERCURY! And how about those AA, AAA and 9 volt batteries we use in gadgets throughout our homes? Many contain lead and mercury? Below are some tips on how to “un-handle” these hidden health hazards.

Thermal Sales Receipts: Most of us save our receipts for tax purposes, etc. To avoid BPA exposure, store them in an envelope in your purse – not in your wallet. After sorting/touching sales receipts, wash hands with soap and water. And frequently replace the receipt-storage envelope that’s in your purse.

Canned Goods: The good news is that a handful of food manufacturers have switched away from using BPA-lined cans. However, there are still plenty of BPA cans on our grocery store shelves. The moment you open a can, BPA contaminates your food. When possible, buy fresh veggies and beans, or choose frozen vegetables. Many manufacturers have switched to glass jars and cartons. So that’s good news.

FYI: BPA is also found in many plastic water, soda and juice bottles. Avoid leaving these bottles in your car on a hot day. Heat causes the BPA to leach into liquids very quickly. Look for “safe” plastic vessels marked BPA-free or noted with a 2, 4 or 5 on the bottom. Avoid bottles/vessels marked 1, 3, 6 & 7.

Energy-saving Light Bulbs: If you break one of those coiled light bulbs, be sure to immediately seal it in a plastic bag and store it in a plastic pail with a removable lid. Hold your breath while doing so, and then wash your hands and face with soap and water immediately after handling them. Open all windows and doors to ventilate your home/room, etc. Take chlorella supplements (after each meal) if you’ve been exposed for any length of time. Read more about the benefits of chlorella below •Why I Take Chlorella And….when replacing these bulbs in the future, DO NOT throw them in the garbage, but rather, carefully place them in plastic pail with a secure lid on it. Once you accumulate a bunch, take the pail to Home Depot or hardware store, where they will be properly disposed of. Look on-line for safe disposal locations. For the life of me – I wonder how these light bulbs were allowed in our homes in the first place!!

Batteries: After handling any type of battery, wash your hands with soap and water.

Good health to you all.