by Louisa Graves & Lisa Matsuda

Vein Free Legs

I love wearing summer dresses, skirts, tops and shorts. But for some of us, showing our legs and arms can be stressful! Cellulite, varicose veins, and spider veins can make some of us feel as if we’d rather shave our heads than bare our legs!

Wearing shorts doesn’t have to be a traumatic experience. If you want to know how to look good in shorts, dresses and skirts this summer, enjoy the tips below that address both legs and arms.

But most importantly, no matter what you choose to wear, embrace your your look with confidence. There’s nothing more attractive than confidence, right?

Dry Brushing for Treating Cellulite on Legs & Arms

Want to try dry brushing for treating cellulite? Read more…Exfoliating the thighs and arms stimulates collagen production and regenerates new, fresh cells to the surface. This also triggers the production of elastin, making the skin firmer and thicker. In addition, exfoliating cellulite-prone areas releases toxins and fluids, ensuring smoother-looking thighs.

How to Get Great Legs 3Dry brushing is a fast way to gently slough off surface layers of dead skin and increases the blood flow within the subcutaneous fat layer, detoxifying and smoothing the skin. The motion of dry brushing boosts circulation which helps drain the lymphatic system and releases the body of toxins and excess fluids. This promotes internal cleansing. NOTE: Avoid dry brushing tender skin or areas that have cuts or rashes. You can find dry brushes at your local health food or drug store.

Here’s what you do:
Dry brushing is best done a.m. and p.m. prior to showering.

Stand in front of a mirror and inspect the arms, thighs, buttocks and tummy for signs of cellulite. Dry brush each area for 30 seconds to 1 minute. If you have more time, take an extra few minutes to include an overall body brushing.

The best technique for dry brushing is brushing up toward the heart in a semi-circle motion. Start at the wrists and brush up to the shoulders. Next, start at the ankles and brush up to the top of the upper thighs. If you have time, dry brush the buttocks and stomach up toward the heart. Skin should be slightly pink – not red. Then shower. Dry brush your skin twice a week.

After showering, apply Cellulite Buster & Neck Firming Cream on thighs and arms to speed results. As noted in last week’s newsletter, you can get it a large 4 oz. jar at a great price at my website SHOP

If you’re challenged with dry or crepy looking skin on arms and legs, an excellent and quick option is our Skinlasting Hydrating Moisturizer with lactic acid, hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, green tea and no fragrance. It’s a spray mist that gently exfoliates and greatly hydrates body skin – all year round. I love Skinlasting as a quick fix before heading out the door. Wonderful for dry, aging, dehydrated skin. Apply it on decolletage, neck and feet too!

Treating Spider Veins 

Reddish-blue spider veins usually become more visible on the legs during hormonal stages and pregnancy. Below are some effective and affordable suggestions that can help reduce the look of these small, yet noticeable veins.

Good circulation helps prevent spider veins. Uncross your legs when sitting and put feet up at the end of the day – especially if your job requires standing for long hours.

Clinical studies note that herbal horse-chestnut (tincture) improves leg circulation, decreases inflammation, and strengthens the capillaries and veins. Below is an effective DIY recipe.

Here’s what you do:
Combine 3 tbsp. witch hazel with 1 tsp. horse chestnut (homeopathic tincture) and apply on spider veins. Then apply 100% emu oil over top and massage into the affected areas.

A NOTE ABOUT EMU OIL: There are many emu oils on the market that have been cut with deer oil but they do not list this on the label!!  Be sure to invest in top quality100% pure emu oil which is the only type sold at HollywoodBeautySecrets.,com and it’s an affordadable price.

Alternate method:
Apply homeopathic arnica gel or cream and then massage 100% emu oil overtop. Arnica helps fade bruising as well as reddish-blue spider veins. Emu oil will speed your results.It even helps to thicken skin and calm scars. Read even more benefits of emu oil on my site.
Try this natural and safe combination for 90 days.

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