Never Tweeze Nose Hair Pix

This is why you should never tweeze nose hair!

A new strain of staph infection called MRSA is becoming a seriously common bacterial infection. And the shocking news is, MRSA is extremely difficult to treat because it is immune to many antibiotics!

MRSA can show up in lots of different parts of the body including the lungs, intestines, the skin and other organs. Elderly folks can die from MRSA. But I bet you didn’t know that MRSA and staph bacteria are living inside your nose! Our nose hairs are loaded with this bacteria. This is why you should NEVER tweeze nose hairs. Tweezing can cause a MRSA infection to spread into your sinuses and this is extremely difficult to treat.

So, how should you remove nose hairs? First, always wash your face with soap and water so your nose hairs are clean as well. Then, using a pair of small cuticle scissors, a magnifying mirror and good light, simply clip protruding nose hairs. Or pick up a nose trimmer at your local Bed, Bath & Beyond. They’re about $10. Afterward, be sure to wipe your clippers or trimmer with some rubbing alcohol.