The Truth About Pricey Skin Care

Magazines are loaded with hype and false promises when it comes to over-rated, pricey skin care. The truth is, Magazine Editors promote and recommend only the skin care products advertised in their magazines! Plus they get freebies – so of course, they’ll tell you those products are the best. But the truth is — paying more for skin care will not guarantee good skin.

Take, for example, $375 Crème de Le Mer, which we see frequently touted by beauty editors. Here’s a SHOCKER!! Le Mer’s 2nd and 3rd ingredients on the label are mineral oil and petrolatum!! OMG. This means the MAJORITY of the jar is filled with cheap crude oil – a byproduct left over from producing gasoline!! And it costs just pennies!! Mineral oil clogs pores and dries out skin over time. Even though $375 Le Mer boasts seaweed which is a good skin nutrient, it’s certainly not worth $375!!

Did you know that our Skin Uplift Serum boasts a similar seaweed ingredient, called sea kelp bioferment – and it’s listed in 2nd position on the label? But that’s not all, Skin Uplift Serum also includes two powerful wrinkle smoothing peptides that can help fade spots, plus premium skin firming antioxidant DMAE, fish collagen for firmer skin with increased elasticity and hydrating hyaluronic acid. It’s made with healthy, clean, powerful, proven age-defying ingredients for just $32.95. And it’s free of parabens (synthetic preservatives) and phthalates (synthetic fragrances or parfum), mineral oil /petrochemicals (crude oil) and synthetic colors.

Be sure to read labels. And avoid products with synthetic fragrances (phthalates) and parabens because they are known to cause hormone imbalances, weight gain, rashes, allergies, enlarged pores, acne and even some cancers!

Check out my 5-Piece Anti-Aging Package for all skin types. It’s made with healthy, world class, premium grade, highest concentrations of powerful active ingredients – resulting in smoother, brighter, blemish-free, dewy skin. Whether you’re 25, 50 or 75, you will see results – without breaking the bank.