Winter colds, flu’s or the stress of travelling can weaken your immune system, so below I’ve listed some great health and distressing tips.

1) Make your own natural hand sanitizer.
Try my safe, natural hand sanitizer recipe. Place 4 to 6 natural baby wipes such as Seventh Generation or plain folded napkins in a plastic sealable sandwich bag. Add 1-2 tsp. white vinegar into the plastic bag. Vinegar kills all kinds of germs and ecoli – without harmful chemicals. Plus it is safe on Winter Colds & Flu'sskin. Use these wipes for face and hands or to wipe surfaces such as airplane arm rests, table-trays or the bottoms of your feet after walking barefoot through security posts at the airport. FYI: The vinegar smell vanishes after 30 seconds.

2) Douche your nose during and after flying.
As you know, air is circulated throughout a flight. If one person on board has a cold or flu, you may risk catching it, especially if you’re feeling stressed or exhausted. The following tip is so effective, I never fly without it. Keep a 3 oz. saline nasal wash in your purse. I like Ocean or CVS brand nasal wash. Douche your nose every 2-3 hours on the plane. Then, when you arrive at your destination, douche nose again. NOTE: Do not inhale the nasal wash. Just spray, allow the nasal wash to drain out, then blow your nose
3) Reduce stress with a calming remedy.
If you’re feeling anxious or irritated, try spraying a little homeopathic Rescue Remedy under your tongue. Rescue Remedy is made with natural plants and flowers. It can help calm and soothe your mood. Other mood calmers are pumpkin seeds, walnuts, bananas or adaptogen supplements such as holy basil, relora, B12, Pantothenic acid (B5) or rhodiola. Find Rescue Remedy and adaptogens at a health food store.

Try these remedies to relieve the effects of winter colds and flu’s!