Are Preservatives in Our Beauty Products Making Us Fat?The quality of skin care and body grooming products you apply daily, are key to achieving a beautiful, youthful-looking complexion and a healthy body. Parabens, which are some of the most commonly used synthetic preservatives in the beauty industry, can do more harm to your skin than good.Are Preservatives in Our Beauty Products Making Us Fat? 1Synthetic parabens are cheap preservatives which extend the shelf life of products. This is why many manufacturers add parabens to skin and body care products. Sadly, the bottom line for manufacturers is not our health – it’s making profits!

Parabens are found in thousands of products lining our store shelves. They include deodorants, face creams, body lotions, hair sprays, toothpastes, self-tanners, shampoos, conditioners, nail polishes, mascaras, lipsticks and many other makeup products.

But the real bottom line is that parabens have been proven to be harmful to our health and the FDA does not monitor the ingredients used to make grooming products!! We have to be our own health advocates. Be sure to read labels and buy only paraben-free skin care. Here are a few more facts you need to know about parabens:

Parabens can throw off your endocrine system – Because parabens are synthetic, they can disrupt your body’s natural production of hormones. Many studies have shown that parabens can often mirror the body’s production of estrogen, which is a crucial hormone in women’s breast health. Since parabens are synthetic, the body does not break them down in the same way as they would natural estrogen, causing a build-up of synthetic, hormone-like estrogen in our breast cells.

Parabens could be linked to various types of cancer and weight gain – Ever wonder why losing weight can sometimes be a challenge? Since our bodies are unable to eliminate synthetic estrogen, these parabens settle into our organs which can cause many health issues – including weight gain, hormonal imbalances and more. A 2004 study revealed that particular forms of parabens were found in breast tumors but did not conclusively say that they were the cause of these masses.

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