How to Purify the Air in Your Home

Fresh AirI am a big fan of nature’s air purifier – Himalayan salt crystal lamps for home and office air purification. They are scientifically proven to help purify the air of pollution, mold, carbon monoxide, smoke, bacteria and viruses. The lovely glow emitted from the lamp also helps calm the mood and reduces stress.

Many individuals report benefits such as relief of migraine headaches, reduced asthma attacks, increased serotonin (feel good) levels, calmness, and reduced vulnerability to colds and flus.

How does it work? Simply plug your salt lamp into a wall socket. The bulb warms the crystal salt which releases negative ions into the air. Negative ions fight against positively charged particles that cause us to feel sluggish or stuffed up. Given the serious flu and cold viruses that are spreading around, placing a crystal salt lamp in your living room and bedrooms is a good idea.

Salt crystal lamps are not only beneficial to our health, they give each room a nice ambiance. Himalayan salt crystal lamps are premium quality and purity. I picked up four salt lamps for a great price at Bed, Bath and Beyond®. They usually retail for double what I paid. Don’t forget to use your BB&B 20% off coupons to save even more. Makes a great gift too.

HINT: To clean your salt lamp, just dust it off. I tried wiping mine with a damp cloth, but that caused the salt to melt down onto my coffee table and I had to throw it away.