Anti-Aging Plant Stem Cell Serum: A Favorite Skin Preserver 5by Louisa Graves & Lisa Matsuda

If you’re anything like me and love researching anti-aging ingredients you may have come across anti-aging plant stem cell serum in your search. Anti-aging plant stem cell serum is one of the most popular ingredients found in skincare, particularly facial serums. Celebrities like Jennifer Lopez and Michelle Obama are huge fans of this potent anti-aging ingredient. All you need to do is take one look at those two to see how effective stem cell serum really is!

The magic ingredient behind our highly popular Stem Cell Serum is Swiss apple Uttwiler Spatlaubestem (PhytoCellTech™ Malus Domestica). This rare apple remains unspoiled, unspotted, and flavorful long after other apples have rotted away (, 2020). Scientists have discovered how to use these plant stem cells to keep skin smooth and unspoiled, just like the apple they come from! Our Stem Cell Serum is one of my beauty secrets.

What are the Benefits of Plant Stem Cells?

Our skin has millions of stem cells that rejuvenate, restore, and renew our skin. Our Stem Cell Serum (private labelled and sold in select spas for over $120), is a is a healthy and highly effective formula that targets chronological aging. The idea behind this amazing serum, that so many women love, is that it works to preserve your existing stem cells, helping them last longer, enabling those exact same cells to continue to form new tissue. Skin renewal is THE most important factor in anti-aging. It prevents fine lines, sagging, and dark spots.

Our plant Stem Cell Serum keeps your skin’s stem cells charged and ready to renew, extending the life of your skin and rejuvenating the cells that are working hard to keep your skin plump and firm.

Directions: It’s easy to use. Simply apply Stem Cell Serum on face, neck, jowls and jaw line nightly after cleansing and toning your skin.

Want to Speed Your Results?

HBS Stem Cell Serum

For even faster results, if you’re a regular user of a micro needle skin roller, Stem Cell Serum is a must-have! Look at my photo on this page. It is not retouched. I’m 63 years young and I’ve used Stem Cell Serum as a topical night treatment (alternating it with Skin Uplift Serum) and use either one of these power serums with my micro needle skin roller once a week.  Needle rolling is a wonderful treatment you can safely do at home, provided you use a light hand. Micro Needle Skin Rollers can very effectively help renew your skin.  The tiny perforations created by the needles, help push serums into the skin as well as help speed up collagen production.

My micro needle skin rollers are the best because they offer 1.5mm needles for deeper penetration and maximum skin rejuvenation. Again the key to properly using a needle roller is to use a light hand as you gently roll your skin. The roller needles gently push the Stem Cell Serum into the dermis for even better wrinkle-fighting and collagen production. This has even worked for some women to eliminate the age pitting in their chins and fine lines around the mouth!

Watch the video on the Micro Needle Roller page which focuses on the neck, jowls and jaw line. For your face, you will use the same application method; rolling your skin in one direction only – not back and forth.  Do 5 passes per area. Skin should look pink with no bleeding. If you experience bleeding or broken skin, you are pressing too hard. Be sure to use a light hand for best results. See the steps as noted below and also take a few minuts to watch the video How to Safely Use a Micro Needle Roller on the Face.Anti-Aging Plant Stem Cell Serum: A Favorite Skin Preserver 6

Stem Cell serum  and the 1.5 mm Micro Needle Skin Rollers are available at, always at maximum strength, always the lowest price! Get $5.00 off  Stem Cell Serum with your weekly discount coupon offered in my newsletters. If you’re on a tight budget, you can also use Skin Uplift Serum for micro needle rolling your skin. Though it does not have plant stem cells, the peptides, antioxidants and HMW (High Molecular Weight Hyaluroninc Acid are perfect for needle rolling too.

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At Home Spa Treatment Using Stem Cell Serum & Micro Needle Roller

What you will need:

Micro Needle Skin Roller (I offer 1.5 mm for best results)

Stem Cell Serum

100% Pure Emu Oil (if vegan or vegetarian, use Night Perfect instead)

Facial Flex (optional)

  1. To the neck, jowls, jawline or face, apply Stem Cell Serum in an upward motion.
  2. Using an upward only rolling motion, move the micro needle skin roller upwards. Be gentle, so the skin only turns pink. If you bleed, you are pushing too hard!
  3. After 5 passes on each area using a vertical roll, apply more Stem Cell Serum.
  4. Next, do 5 passes in a horizonal roll and apply more Stem Cell Serum to each freshly treated area.
  5. Finally, apply 100% emu oil on your neck, jowls, jawline and face to calm the skin and push the ingredients down deeper into the dermis.
  6. NOTE; Every week, add an extra pass for a maximum of 10 passes.

Optional step: Using the Facial Flex, do 120 to 150 reps for further tightening of the jawline and cheeks.

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