What Is The Truth About Peptides?

The Truth About PeptidesThere are so many anti-aging peptide serums on the market these days but I can 100% guarantee that NO commercial doctor brand, no department store brand or pricey skin care brand can boast this…. -> 100% Matrixyl peptides in one bottle!! The “The Truth About Peptides” is most of those pricey brands boast maybe 1 or 2% of Matrixyl peptides and you pay and arm and leg for them! However, Night Perfect is 100% Matrixyl serum — for a deep discount price of just $39.95 in my SHOP

In fact, one New York magazine editor, not only posted an article about how great our Night Perfect was, she also called me and said, “Louisa, I applied Night Perfect for two weeks on my face and neck prior to a photo shoot. And I have to say that NOTHING has made my skin look so young and radiant. I looked amazing in my photos and you know, as a magazine editor – I get so many beauty products. Nothing has worked so well as this” So as I normally do, when my clients call or email me great comments about my products, I asked if she would provide a testimonial to post on my web site.

However, she said I would have to pay her for her endorsement. Of course, I could not ethically do that – especially since thousands of my customers are more than happy to provide their testimonials for free. So I politely declined and I am sharing her comments – since I am not revealing her name or her magazine.