Why skin exfoliation is important!

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder they say, but we’re most responsible for our own beauty. Because the skin covers our entire body, it therefore needs a lot of attention to perform its daily functions efficiently. Our skin cells perform a daily ritual of life and death. It’s therefore crucial to eliminate the dead cells allowing newer cells to grow. Proper skin exfoliation and moisturizing is essential. Healthy skin results in a healthy body too.

Skin ExfoliationThe skin itself sheds dead cells but still need our help to complete the process. This not only facilitates faster shedding but also promotes healthier cellular reproduction. Moisturizing the skin also promotes healthier skin, but also allows the skin to breathe easier. The end result is beautiful radiant skin.

When should you exfoliate the skin?

There are several simple, inexpensive tests you can conduct which will answer the question! These test include:

  1. Tape test; this is done through use of a clear tape. Cut a three-inch size piece clear tape, place on the forehead and rub gently for a few seconds. Remove it gently and check for traces of dead skin. If there are traces, you need to exfoliate.
  2. Use of a magnifying lens or glass allow a person to check for clogged pores. If the pores are clogged it’s time to exfoliate.
  3. Review the skin products you’re using. If they’re no longer effective; or, if they’ve reached the expiration date it may signal the product has become less effective and non-responsive. The end result is two-fold. It’s a sign to exfoliate and also time to head to the store for some new skin products.
  4. Try the “Eye Test”. If the skin looks dull and feels dry; this is a sign the cells are dead and peeling off.  Exfoliation allow you to assist the skin in sloughing off the dead cells.

There are different methods are used to exfoliate the skin. They differ from person to person since everyone’s skin is unique. There are different brushes, abrasives, chemicals, and products that can be purchased locally or online.

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In conclusion, final thoughts on exfoliation of your skin.

In as much as exfoliation is important, you shouldn’t over exaggerate it or aggressively exfoliate the skin. Too much will harm the skin, exposing it to additional problems such as, to reactions with cosmetics, irritation on exposure to the sun and these create lots of discomfort.