Check Out These Two Top HBS Skin News Weight Loss PlateauWeight Loss Plateau-Busting Tips!

Has your weight loss suddenly come to a screeching halt? Want to kick your body back into fat-burning mode, safely and quickly? Rev up your weight loss goals, drop two or more pounds of fat per week, lower cholesterol, prevent strokes, halt food cravings, and protect your health with either one of the following scientifically proven and highly effective tips:

1) Make a cup of organic green tea and allow the tea to come to room temperature. Drink the green tea with 1-2 (400- 600 mg) Kyolic® Garlic capsules. Kyolic® garlic is organic and ordorless. Drink this mixture before breakfast and dinner. You can also do this before lunch for even more weight loss. The research behind this weight-loss buster reveals that healthy catechins in green tea are thermogenic (burn fat) and when combined with the properties (allicin) in garlic, this powerful combo helps you burn more calories, prevents blood sugar spikes and triggers the body into optimal fat-burning mode. You’ll also experience less cravings for food. In addition, the properties in green tea and garlic help reduce cholesterol and provide cold and flu protection.

2) Another great weight loss combo that effectively cleanses the liver, burns fat, drops cholesterol, prevents cravings for food, and speeds weight loss goals is adding 1 tbsp. organic apple cider vinegar to a (8 – 12 oz.) glass of water and drinking this mixture with 1-2 (300 to 600 mg) Kyolic® garlic capsules. Drink this mixture 5 – 15 minutes before each meal of the day. In a Japanese study, taking garlic can also increase energy and reduce fatigue after exercise. And according the UCLA researchers, garlic can also cut stomach cancer risk and slows the hardening of arteries which may help prevent strokes and heart disease.

In my book, “Age-Proof: Beauty Alternatives You Need To Know” I’ve listed even more benefits of combining apple cider vinegar with Kyolic® garlic. One of my readers dropped 100 pounds – then her weight loss stopped. With this combination she kicked her system back into fat-burning mode and dropped another 150 pounds. She also reduced her arms-length list of medications from 17, down to ONE! This powerful weight loss combo not only revs up your fat burning mode, it also helps:

– prevent fat in the blood stream from entering the fat cells,
– eliminate yeast overgrowth
– clear acne and prevents blemish breakouts,
– prevent eczema,
– prevent water retention and fluid build-up
– eliminate the look of cellulite,
– destroy fungi and prevents food poisoning (when taken prior to a tainted meal),
– provide antiseptic and antibiotic effects,
– provide over 200 disease-fighting compounds related to cancer, herpes I, herpes II, parasites and fungi and more.