Anti-Aging Plant Stem Cell Serum: A Favorite Skin Preserver 1by Louisa Graves & Lisa Matsuda

If you’re anything like me and love researching anti-aging ingredients you may have come across anti-aging plant stem cell serum in your search. Anti-aging plant stem cell serum is one of the most popular ingredients found in skincare, particularly facial serums. Celebrities like Jennifer Lopez and Michelle Obama are huge fans of this potent anti-aging ingredient. All you need to do is take one look at those two to see how effective stem cell serum really is!

The magic ingredient behind our highly popular Stem Cell Serum is Swiss apple Uttwiler Spatlaubestem (PhytoCellTech™ Malus Domestica). This rare apple remains unspoiled, unspotted, and flavorful long after other apples have rotted away (, 2020). Scientists have discovered how to use these plant stem cells to keep skin smooth and unspoiled, just like the apple they come from! Our Stem Cell Serum is one of my beauty secrets.

What are the Benefits of Plant Stem Cells?

Our skin has millions of stem cells that rejuvenate, restore, and renew our skin. Our Stem Cell Serum (private labelled and sold in select spas for over $120), is a is a healthy and highly effective formula that targets chronological aging. The idea behind this amazing serum, that so many women love, is that it works to preserve your existing stem cells, helping them last longer, enabling those exact same cells to continue to form new tissue. Skin renewal is THE most important factor in anti-aging. It prevents fine lines, sagging, and dark spots.

Our plant Stem Cell Serum keeps your skin’s stem cells charged and ready to renew, extending the life of your skin and rejuvenating the cells that are working hard to keep your skin plump and firm.

Directions: It’s easy to use. Simply apply Stem Cell Serum on face, neck, jowls and jaw line nightly after cleansing and toning your skin.

Want to Speed Your Results?

HBS Stem Cell Serum

For even faster results, if you’re a regular user of a micro needle skin roller, Stem Cell Serum is a must-have! Look at my photo on this page. It is not retouched. I’m 63 years young and I’ve used Stem Cell Serum as a topical night treatment (alternating it with Skin Uplift Serum) and use either one of these power serums with my micro needle skin roller once a week.  Needle rolling is a wonderful treatment you can safely do at home, provided you use a light hand. Micro Needle Skin Rollers can very effectively help renew your skin.  The tiny perforations created by the needles, help push serums into the skin as well as help speed up collagen production.

My micro needle skin rollers are the best because they offer 1.5mm needles for deeper penetration and maximum skin rejuvenation. Again the key to properly using a needle roller is to use a light hand as you gently roll your skin. The roller needles gently push the Stem Cell Serum into the dermis for even better wrinkle-fighting and collagen production. This has even worked for some women to eliminate the age pitting in their chins and fine lines around the mouth!

Watch the video on the Micro Needle Roller page which focuses on the neck, jowls and jaw line. For your face, you will use the same application method; rolling your skin in one direction only – not back and forth.  Do 5 passes per area. Skin should look pink with no bleeding. If you experience bleeding or broken skin, you are pressing too hard. Be sure to use a light hand for best results. See the steps as noted below and also take a few minuts to watch the video How to Safely Use a Micro Needle Roller on the Face.Anti-Aging Plant Stem Cell Serum: A Favorite Skin Preserver 2

Stem Cell serum  and the 1.5 mm Micro Needle Skin Rollers are available at, always at maximum strength, always the lowest price! Get $5.00 off  Stem Cell Serum with your weekly discount coupon offered in my newsletters. If you’re on a tight budget, you can also use Skin Uplift Serum for micro needle rolling your skin. Though it does not have plant stem cells, the peptides, antioxidants and HMW (High Molecular Weight Hyaluroninc Acid are perfect for needle rolling too.

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At Home Spa Treatment Using Stem Cell Serum & Micro Needle Roller

What you will need:

Micro Needle Skin Roller (I offer 1.5 mm for best results)

Stem Cell Serum

100% Pure Emu Oil (if vegan or vegetarian, use Night Perfect instead)

Facial Flex (optional)

  1. To the neck, jowls, jawline or face, apply Stem Cell Serum in an upward motion.
  2. Using an upward only rolling motion, move the micro needle skin roller upwards. Be gentle, so the skin only turns pink. If you bleed, you are pushing too hard!
  3. After 5 passes on each area using a vertical roll, apply more Stem Cell Serum.
  4. Next, do 5 passes in a horizonal roll and apply more Stem Cell Serum to each freshly treated area.
  5. Finally, apply 100% emu oil on your neck, jowls, jawline and face to calm the skin and push the ingredients down deeper into the dermis.
  6. NOTE; Every week, add an extra pass for a maximum of 10 passes.

Optional step: Using the Facial Flex, do 120 to 150 reps for further tightening of the jawline and cheeks.

For more great anti-aging creams, serums, and wrinkle fighters, visit! Always free from parabens, phthalates, fragrances, petrochemicals and mineral oils!




What is exfoliation and what you need to know about your skin’s natural process.

Have you ever taken a bath and looked at the water in the tub? If so you’ve probably seen the byproduct of you skins natural exfoliation process. Exfoliation means to eradicate dead skin cells. This can be done naturally through a process called desquamation or through an exfoliant.

The immediate benefit to us if we exfoliate our skin on a regular basis is that the texture becomes smooth and soft, the complexion has brightened, and we are less prone to skin conditions such as acne, adult acne, eczema, psoriasis, and rosacea.

Let’s explore the natural meaning of exfoliation referred to as desquamation.

This natural process repeats itself every 28 days and recreates new cells in the epidermis, the outermost layer of the skin. The new cells are actually born in the deepest layer of the epidermis called the stratum germinativum. Once the process starts the cell gravitates to the highest layer of


What is exfoliation?

the epidermis called the stratum corneum. The news cells have a major responsibility which is to push out the older skin cells.

So where do the dead skin cells go?

Check out your furniture, the floor, and your bedspread, many people mistake dead skin cells for dust or dirt.

Desquamation also can be attributed to potential skin problems such as disease and skin conditions. Because it involves  in the upper layers of the skin through the shedding of dead skin cells, the human body utilizes it as a constructive mechanism to naturally replenish the skin with new vibrant cells.

Desquamation is a latin word that actually speaks to scaling fish, hence, the sloughing of dead skin cells from the epidermis on a consistent basis.

What is an exfoliant?

You just need to take a trip to the local mall or drug store and head to the beauty and skin care section and exfoliants will jump out at you. They’re products or procedures designed to eradicate the build-up of dead cells on your skin.

Be sure to check out my “1 Minute Beauty Tip Videos” with different exfoliating tips.

This is one area of skin care that you should really do your homework in advance. Because many exfoliating products make use of chemicals, it could be possible to have a skin reaction or an allergic reaction to them. Always check with your skin care specialist, family physician, or dermatologist before using an exfoliant.

Make the appropriate choice of the correct product to exfoliate your skin is essential to achieving skin that is soft, hydrated, healthy, and great looking.

Need a natural exfoliant? Here is a list of the top 10 natural exfoliants!

  1. Honey
  2. Yougurt
  3. Baking Soda
  4. Ground Fruit Seeds and Nuts
  5. Sugar
  6. Oatmeal
  7. Lemon Juice
  8. Papaya
  9. Ground Coffee
  10. Sea Salt

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You wake up one morning and take a look in the mirror and catch a glimpse of these lines starting to appear around the corner of your eyes. These multiple wrinkles which deepen over time and expand out from the corners of your eyes are often called crows feet because they appear like “the many toes of a crow.” But crows feet aren’t limited to the eyes, check out your cheeks, brow and forehead. They’re great candidates for crows feet also.

What are crows feet? 3

What causes crows feet?

Are you a sun lover?

How many hours do you spend in the sun during the day?

It’s pretty obvious from the above questions that exposure to the sun must be a major contributing factor to the development of fine lines and wrinkles on the corners of your eyes.

Did you know that sunlight has a tendency to cause people to squint which promotes the formation of crows feet? It also causes facial wrinkles to form in other areas besides the corners of the eyes.

So, preventative tip number one to get rid of crows feet would be to limit the amount of exposure to sunlight. Now, if that’s not possible because of your occupation, then sunscreen to keep the epidermis of the skin hydrated needs to be incorporated into your routine. Additionally, make sure you wear some type of hat, preferably a wide brimmed hat to control the exposure to sunlight and reduce the effects of sun damaged skin.

Are you a smoker?

Not only is smoking a health risk factor but it’s also been known to contribute to the formation of crows feet due to squinting of the eye. The main reason behind this are the airborn irritants passed off from the burning of tobacco and the smoke byproduct.

What type of skin care routines do you have?

Individuals are more likely to develop a case of crows feet if they have either no skin care routine or a routine that is inconsistent.

So what’s the best crows feet treatment?

Eye creams –  you only need to search the internet to find a ton of products developed to control crows feet. Make sure your product is paraben free and free of fragrances, phthalates or mineral oil. These ingredeints affect your hormones and health.

You can visit my SHOP for what I believe are the best eye creams for crows feet and what I recommend to my clients. They are Eye Perfect and Ultimate Eye Cream. Both are popular repeat order products. They are loved by many women and men because they address many challenges such are dark curcles, puffy eyes, line, and wrinkles known as crows feet. Both our eye creams are superior quality, are formulated in the USA, are free of mineral oil, parabens, fragrances, phthalates or synthetic colors. NOTE: Ultimate Eye Cream has emu oil in it, and many of our clients love emu oil. However, if you’re a vegetarian or Vegan, order Eye Perfect. You can’t go wrong with either of these top sellers.

Red Light Therapy – we’ve had great success with DPL II Red Light Therapy for repairing and preventing wrinkles and crows feet. Red Light therapy and a good skin care regimen will have you seeing outstanding skin rejuvenating results. Plus, Red light therapy is non-invasive and can be done in little time right in the comfort of your home. Many women call it a natural face lifting device. See our top skin care REGIMEN #1 on our Skin Care Help page.

Make sure you visit the DPLII Red Light  Therapy System page for more information and the lowest price on the web!What are crows feet? 4

Now, there is another remedy you’ve probably heard of, called Botox. It’s a quick fix that lasts for about 3-4 months but you’ll need to be prepared for the cost factor which can get pricey. You can buy a DPL II Red lIght Therapy system for just $289.95 an dit lasts for years.


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crows feet

What causes cellulite?

Collagen fibers under the skin and around fat cells that become trapped with fluids and toxins cause cellulite. As we age collagen weakens, fat and toxins herniated through the damaged collagen and dimpled skin occurs.

Tip: Exfoliating skin regularly can help stimulate collagen and help drain the lymphatic system.

If you have cellulites, or want to prevent them, consider the following:

Cellulite home remedies

The following cellulite home remedies attack cellulite on thighs.

You’ve heard this a million times, but you must drink 8 to 10 glasses of water per day. Cellulite and water retention are signs that you are not drinking enough water. You will not lose body fat, toxins, or also lose cellulite on arms unless you drink sufficient water daily.

1. Drink at least 64 ounces a day to help eliminate water retention and body fat. Water retention causes bloating, constipation, irritability and exacerbates cellulite. If you don’t like water, then add some fresh lemon juice for a more refreshing taste. Or, try chamomile, cat’s claw, or green tea to increase circulation as well as help reduce inflammation and bloating.

2. Eating a “good” fat and low carbohydrate diet can help burn body fat and prevent fluid retention.

3. The elastic in regular underpants cuts off lymphatic circulation and congests fluid, fat, and toxins which are primary causes of cellulite. To prevent lymphatic congestion and cellulite, try switching to wearing thong underwear or no underwear at all.

4. Mix two cups of sea salt with one-half cup almond oil or olive oil. After showering, stand in the shower and apply salt scrub to wet thighs and buttocks. Rub in a circular motion using your hand or nylon exfoliating body glove. Rinse with tepid water.

5. While standing on newspaper, apply warm caffeinated coffee grinds onto thighs, tummy, and buttocks. Most of the grinds will fall to the ground leaving a caffeine rich, moist, brown residue. Caffeine is the active ingredient that reduces the appearance of cellulite.

  • Wrap moistened areas with cellophane.
  • After 30 minutes, remove cellophane and brush any excess grinds onto the newspaper.
  • Shower off thighs and buttocks while scrubbing the areas using a face cloth, baking soda, or loofa.
  • This remedy is a little messy but it’s a quick fix to help temporarily diminish cellulite.

6. Bentonite clay draws out impurities and tightens skin.

  • In a glass bowl, combine equal parts of water or apple cider vinegar with bentonite clay.
  • Stir to a paste consistency and apply to cellulite prone areas.
  • Let dry. You will feel a tightening or pulling sensation.
  • Wash clay off in shower with tepid water.

Cellulite treatment at home by exfoliating the skin

1. Daily dry brushing can help exfoliate the skin, boost circulation of the blood, drain the lymphatic system, and release toxins. Dry brush the cellulite prone areas using a natural bristle brush before showering.What’s the best way to get rid of cellulite? 5

2. Dry brush your skin toward the heart in a C-shaped motion. Locate cellulite prone areas in front of the mirror and then dry brush those areas for 30 seconds.

3. Start at the wrists and work to the shoulders.

4. Then move to the ankles and brush up the legs, buttocks, and tummy.

5. When done correctly, your skin should be slightly pink. Do not brush areas with cuts, rashes, or sunburn.

6. Shower with tepid water.

Using a Cellulite Massage to help get rid of cellulite

1. Two or more times a week, massage cellulite prone areas using an electric massager or even a rolling pin. Try chopping strokes (hands in a karate like position) moving up and down the areas of the thighs and buttocks. Kneading the skin is also beneficial.

2. Viora is a very effective non surgical treatment that uses radio frequency to help smooth the look of cellulite. You will require about 6 – 10 sessions.  In Los Angeles, the cost is around $100 – $300 per session though you may find extra savings at Groupon in your area.

For more stubborn cases of cellulite, or if you would like to achieve a smoother looking thigh, consider an “ultrasonic” treatment in conjunction with vacuum massage. This combination is one of the most effective non-invasive methods of reducing and smoothing dimpled looking skin.

NOTE: Ultrasonic treatment for cellulite is a type of ultrasound. However, it differs from that used in ultrasound imaging or physiotherapy. Ultrasonic treatment provides warm heat waves which penetrate into the subcutaneous fat layer of the skin below the epidermis and dermis.

It helps smooth out the skin by softening or breaking up the fatty deposits and promotes lymphatic drainage and also releases hardened connective tissues.

Vitamin Supplements for Treatment of Cellulite

Calcium or magnesium supplements, Vitamin E, and Evening Primrose Oil can aid in weight loss and also help ease bloating and water retention. Always check with your physician before taking supplements.

Also take the slimming tonic noted in my book, AGE-PROOF: Beauty Alternative You Need to Know. It offers myriad benefits. My famous slimming tonic helps eliminate cellulite, fat, bloating, blood sugar spikes and much more.  Check with your doctor before use if you have health concerns or are taking blood thinning medications.

Cellulite Creams That Work

  1. Applying a cream that contains AHA / glycolic acid or salicylic acid can help smooth and firm skin by stimulating collagen and elastin production. Try Evenly Radiant Overnight Peel (AKA Overnight Peel)  or Relastyl – a powerful peptide cream with evening primrose oil to help address sagging skin on the body.

2. A self tanner can help camouflage cellulite. Some of the most famous lingerie models use self tanners for this reason. Yes, even models have to battle and conceal cellulite.