Red Light Therapy & Sun Spots

Now that the weather is warm, spending time outdoors is a given for most people. Other than applying an effective sunscreen, there are other red light therapy for skinpreventative measures you can take to protect yourself from the sun’s harsh UVA and UVB rays. If your skin suffers from sun damage such as spots, sunburns or wrinkles, there is help in the form of red light therapy. Here are a few ways in which red light therapy can help heal your skin from sun damage.

It not only helps address wrinkles associated with sun damage  – The powerful wavelengths of red and infrared LED lights (which – BTW are not UVA or UVB rays) offer a safe and powerful two-in-one treatment to help fade sun and aging spots and repair and prevent wrinkles. These scientifically proven wavelengths of light can also address other aging areas of the body, such as repairing the damaged collagen associated with cellulite on the arms and legs and stretch marks on the tummy. It also helps to quickly heal wounds and inflammation associated with burns (such as sunburns) or pain such as lower back pain or arthritis.

It does not use harsh chemicals – While there are chemical options to fade spots, Retin A, for example, costs about $175 a tube. It also entails medical lasers which require downtime and cost thousands of dollars. Why not invest in an FDA-approved Red Light Therapy medical device for home or office use? It’s safe, has no side effects and is far more cost-effective than lasers and retinoids.

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How to Smooth and Firm Cellulite Areas

apple stem cell serumNow that summer is just around the corner, it is time to get in shape for more body-revealing clothing. However, one of the issues many of us deal with is cellulite on our arms, legs, and buttocks. Stem cell products are known to help rejuvenate and firm the skin. However, most stem cell serums are sold in small 15 ml. jars and are designed for the face, but there is good news. Our new Cellulite Buster & Firming Neck Cream offers plant stem cells, and it comes in a 4 oz. jar. This is not an apple stem cell serum, but rather a cream with seaweed stem cells derived from European flower, Globularia Cardifolia. There are no other cellulite creams that offer stem cells, retinol, peptides, extracts, and oils to help smooth dimply cellulite areas. Also, this revolutionary stem cell cream even fades dark spots on the face, hands, and loose skin on the neck.

Here are some facts about cellulite we think you should know:

  • Women are more likely to experience cellulite than men. This is because their connective tissue is structured in a specific way and they store fat in different areas of their body.
  • Women are also more likely to experience cellulite more as they get older due to this connective tissue breaking down and estrogen production slowing.
  • Certain foods have anti-cellulite properties, such as watermelon, cucumbers, and strawberries.

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