How Stem Cell Serum Can Reduce Wrinkles

We all want the beautiful, vibrant glow that we had in our 20’s. While it is a privilege to be able to see the later years of your life, sometimes wrinkles,

stem cell serum

age spots, and sagging get the best of your skin during that time. Luckily, we offer some of the most outstanding, high-end skin care products in our store to help you defy aging, including our Stem Cell Serum and our new Cellulite Buster, two highly effective stem cell serum products. Here are the specifics about this groundbreaking skin care ingredient, and how it can help to reduce the signs of aging on your face, neck, and body.

What are Stem Cells?

Every living thing on the planet, including animals, humans, and plants, has stem cells. Not only are stem cells at the forefront of medical research and drug testing, they have also been proven to help rejuvenate the skin.  Stem cells can be used in skin care products to help quickly facilitate new cell growth on the neck, chin, face, and body.

Primarily when it comes to signs of aging, wrinkles and sagging, stem cells help to jumpstart your skin’s production of collagen and elastin –to help repair and prevent lines and wrinkles on the skin.

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Please note: On May 3, 2018, our Cellulite Buster will have a new name, Cellulite Buster and Neck Firming Cream.

3 Things Red Light Therapy Helps to Ease

When issues arise with your skin, it can be challenging. Some women and men can feel hopeless or depressed. Fortunately, groundbreaking and cost-middle-aged woman with great skineffective red light therapy can address a wide range of skin aging conditions and concerns.  Here are some of the many health and beauty issues that red light therapy can address:

Wrinkles – One of the more common uses of red light therapy is to help smooth, repair and prevent wrinkles and aging skin. Our production of collagen usually declines due to aging, resulting in sagging, wrinkles and age spots. Red light therapy for skin offers red light LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) which are combined with infrared LEDs help to repair damaged cells and quickly boosts the body’s production of collagen. Achieve smoother, plumper skin and faded spots after 8 minutes a day for a few weeks with red light therapy.

Scars – Red light therapy is one of the best ways to reduce the appearance of raised, dark scars as it helps to increase blood flow and circulation. It can even help to break down existing raised or dark scars. To prevent future scaring of a fresh wound or post-surgical incision, apply red light therapy immediately. It also helps to speed heal diabetic wounds, calms inflammation associated with back pain, arthritis, carpal tunnel, fibromyalgia and more. See more benefits of red light therapy for skin at

Hair loss – Over the course of a person’s life, the hair on the head can become thinner. As we age, hair follicles can become clogged and require stimulation to prevent balding or thinning hair. Red light therapy can be used to help stimulate healthy hair growth in a living follicle, because of its ability to increase circulation and boost blood flow. Beauty Expert Louisa Graves also recommends washing your hair every other day to prevent product build-up which can clog the hair follicles on the scalp.

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Emu Oil Benefits

If you are continually looking for ways to up your skin care game, you may have read about the many benefits of emu oil. Emu oil, which is derived

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from a large, flightless bird, offers a variety of health and skin care benefits. Emu oil can help treat rashes, dry skin such as eczema can be used to calm skin issues associated with radiation therapy. However, did you know that emu oil is anti-aging? When applied topically, it helps smooth fine lines and wrinkles and speeds the healing of scars after surgery. Beauty Expert Louisa Graves of has recommended 100% pure emu oil to plastic surgery patients to help their post-surgical incisions heal faster with no scars! However, Louisa cautions that we read labels to ensure we are getting 100% pure emu oil. Below are a few more benefits of emu oil and how it helps your skin.

Helps improve the efficacy of anti-aging ingredients in your skin care products – Emu oil is the only oil that can penetrate all the way down the dermis of the skin where collagen forms! So if you apply 100% emu nightly – over your anti-aging peptide serums or EGF creams, the properties of emu oil will push those active ingredients down to the dermis for even faster anti-aging results.

Treats burns – Since emu oil is high in fatty acids, it can help reduce inflammation and pain of burns. It is also anti-microbial, so it helps disinfect burns to help prevent infection.

Good for back pain and inflammatory issues: Emu oil also comes in capsules which you can take orally. They are high in Omega 3, 6, and 9 to help reduce inflammation associated with diseases such as lupus or back pain which is also caused by inflammation.

Helps psoriasis – Psoriasis, a skin condition that causes scaly, thick patches of dry, inflamed skin, is an autoimmune disease. The anti-inflammatory properties of emu oil help to soothe the flare up and allow the immune system to fight off the infection within the body.

Important note: Recently investigators have discovered that several brands are cutting emu oil with deer oil. See 100% pure emu oil at a discount price at Louisa’s website

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How Stem Cells Can Help Your Skin

While it is a blessing to grow old, it is not always a blessing to deal with the signs of aging in our skin. Over time, our body stops producing collagen, smiling woman who uses stem cell skin carethe property that makes us look youthful and healthy. As skin loses collagen, wrinkles form, age spots appear, and our skin does not look as full and plump as it used to be. Luckily, there are plenty of anti-aging skin care products out there to help us erase some of those aging signs, including stem cell serums. Here is how stem cells can help to bring back the youthful glow to your skin.

Stimulating New Growth

While many of us hear the words “stem cells” and think of the wonders it has done in modern medicine, it also is breaking ground in the skin care world.  Apple stem cells can help preserve, repair and duplicate existing skin stem cells. This is exceptionally beneficial in anti-aging skin care, as stem cells can help to bring new cell growth to areas of the face that have slowed production of collagen. This new cell growth can assist in brightening and improving the tone and texture of the skin, and can help plump and smooth fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes, on the forehead, jowls, mouth, and neck.

Stem Cell Serum is best applied at night after cleansing and toning the skin.

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Why Paraben Free Skin Care Is Important

woman applying paraben free skin creamWhen it comes to taking care of your skin, the quality of skin care products you apply, are key to achieving a beautiful, youthful-looking complexion and a healthy body. Parabens, which are some of the most commonly used synthetic preservatives in the beauty industry, can do more harm to your skin than good. Parabens are found in thousands of products lining our store shelves. They include deodorants, face creams, body lotions, hair sprays, toothpastes, self-tanners, shampoos, conditioners, nail polishes, mascaras, lipsticks and many other makeup products. Did you know that parabens have been proven to be harmful to our health and that the FDA does not monitor the ingredients used to make grooming products? Synthetic parabens are cheap preservatives which extend the shelf life of products. This is why many manufacturers add parabens to skin and body care products.  Sadly, the bottom line for manufacturers is not our health – it’s making profits!

We have to be our own health advocates. Be sure to read labels and buy only paraben-free skin care. Here are a few more facts you need to know about parabens:

Parabens can throw off your endocrine system – Because parabens are synthetic, they can disrupt your body’s natural production of hormones. Many studies have shown that parabens can often mirror the body’s production of estrogen, which is a crucial hormone in women’s breast health.  Since parabens are synthetic, the body does not break them down in the same way as they would natural estrogen, causing a build-up of synthetic, hormone-like estrogen in our breast cells.

Parabens could be linked to various types of cancer – Parabens accumulate in our fat cells!  Fat cells around the breasts in both women and men store parabens (synthetic estrogen). In addition, our bodies are unable to eliminate this synthetic estrogen, which causes weight gain and hormonal imbalances A research study done in 2004 revealed that particular forms of parabens were found in breast tumors but did not conclusively say that they were the cause of these masses.

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