by Lisa Matsuda

I’d like to welcome my niece, Lisa Matsuda as a contributor to the HollywoodBeautySecrets team. Thank you Lisa.

What are parabens?

Parabens are widely used in the cosmetics industry as a preservative and as an anti-microbial agent that prevent mould and bacteria. There are three types of parabens in cosmetics products that are widely used: methylparaben (methyl paraben), propylparaben, and butylparaben. They can increase the shelf life of products by years, not just months!

Parabens are found in shampoos, commercial moisturizers, shaving gels, personal lubricants, topical/parenteral pharmaceuticals, spray tanning solution, makeup, and toothpaste, and they are also used as an additive in processed foods.

Why they are dangerous:

Parabens enter the human body either through contact with the epidermis (skin) or via the gastrointestinal tract and blood. Paraben esters can be found in the blood stream in as little as one hour after application!  One study found that the higher the use of commercial lotions, deodorants, and other personal care products, the higher the level of parabens found in the bloodstream.

Recent studies have linked parabens to cancer, endocrine disruption, reproductive toxicity, immunotoxicity, neurotoxicity and skin irritation. They have also been found in human breast milk and are thought to cause damage to sperm DNA as well.

A 2012 study from the University of Reading in the UK discovered 99 percent of tissue samples collected from women contained anywhere from one to five different types of parabens.  These compounds mimic estrogen, and elevated levels of estrogen have been linked to the development, growth, and progression of breast cancer.

Not only bad for you, but also bad for our oceans:

Parabens have also been found in ocean mammals. Another study done by the US government which studied 8 different species of marine life from Florida to Alaska found parabens in each species tested, no matter their location. These parabens were found to be synthetically sourced and not naturally occurring. Methyl paraben and a metabolite of methyl paraben called 4-hydroxybenzoic acid (4-HB) were the most commonly found paraben in the samples taken. As in humans, these chemicals act as estrogen in a mammal’s body.

While the exact affect these chemicals have on the oceans is still being studied, the fact that these mammals are being affected by, not only plastics and waste, but by our choice of personal products should inform our decisions when choosing our skin care.

Is it too late?

Fortunately, it is not too late to change! A study done by UC Berkley on the effects of chemicals in cosmetics showed a 45% reduction in parabens in the blood stream after just 3 days of switching to paraben-free products!

The less demand for these chemical laden products, the less they will be made. Hollywood Beauty Secrets is committed to providing SAFE, EFFECTIVE, paraben-free products for your beauty routine. Join the thousands of women that have made the switch!

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Detoxification of your Body will Improve Hormone Balance, Increase Metabolism and Help Lose Weight.

Detoxification is a process by which your body transforms toxins and medications into harmless molecules that can easily be eliminated from your body. In order to be healthy and achieve weight loss, your body has to have the ability to detoxify well. We’ve talked a lot about toxin exposure – BPA and pesticides in our food and phthalates and parabens in household and cosmetic products – and how to reduce exposure to these toxins. But how do you help your organs and body remove these toxins? That’s what we’ll discuss today.

It’s possible that toxic exposure is as big a contributor to obesity as poor diet and sedentary lifestyle. Understanding the best way to keep your detoxification organs healthy and to overcome problems associated with exposure to high levels of toxic environmental chemicals will help with weight loss. With simple lifestyle choices and utilizing some appropriate nutrients, you can keep your detoxification organs working well and increase your body’s ability to remove toxins. Common symptoms of toxin buildup in your body include headache, fatigue, muscle aches, asthma, allergies, skin disorders, and chronic infections.

Your body has four main detoxification organs: the kidney, the liver, the skin, and your gastrointestinal tract. Each of these has a different ability to break down the toxins and to detoxify medications. These abilities are based on your genetic makeup but are also modified through your diet, lifestyle, and environmental exposures.

Detoxification is mainly accomplished in two phases in your liver. In phase I, enzymes change the toxic compounds or medications into intermediate metabolites, or compounds. This is the first line of defense, and if it’s not functioning well, you’ll have toxic buildup in your body. In phase II, other enzymes convert the intermediate metabolites created in phase I into molecules that dissolve in water and can easily be removed from your body. This is where the kidneys and gastrointestinal tract come into play. Your skin, the fourth detoxification organ, is the body’s largest absorptive organ. It lets water, minerals, medications, and toxins in and out of the body. Its main goal is to protect the body from invaders, let in water to maintain hydration, keep you cool by sweating and remove toxins.

There are many nutrients you can take in supplement form to aid detoxification. Some common nutrients like herbs, green tea, vitamin C and B vitamin complex can make a big difference in the health of your liver. Saunas and steam baths and colon hydrotherapy are also good ways to detoxify your body.