LED Red Light Therapy for Anti-Aging & Pain Management

LEDs or Red Light Therapy units have now become one of the most popular non-invasive and affordable rejuvenation devices on the market today. You may have heard the buzz about LED Red Light Therapy for rejuvenating the skin.

In fact, I’ve been writing about LED Light Therapy for over eight years now and have sold thousands of LED Light Therapy units for skin rejuvenation and pain management.  Individuals that have purchased them include private individuals worldwide such as: baby boomers, moms, doctors, beauty professionals, spas, aestheticians, and physical therapists for office use.

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Take years off your face, neck and hands and you may even avoid a face-lift with affordable, non-invasive LED (Light Emitting Diodes) Light Therapy that combines red with infrareds led diodes. LED therapy is safe, painless, and can be used on ANY skin color or any age skin.

It has many anti-aging benefits!
Hey, Dr Oz just talked about Red Light Therapy and it’s many benefits on his television show. And, he uses the same manufacturer that I recommend!

In the past it was used by both NASA and the US Army to help quickly heal broken bones, sprains, wounds and more. Athletes have also been privy to LED Red Light Therapy to quickly heal their torn ligaments and other injuries.

Veterinarians are also known to use non-invasive LED Light Therapy for treating animal injuries. But recently LED Light Therapy is known to help rejuvenate the skin.

The rejuvenating and pain-relieving benefits of Red LED‟s have been clinically proven and documented for decades. LED‟s (Light Emitting Diodes) emit wavelengths of light that help the body’s ability to repair tissue, damaged cells and collagen.

LED Light Therapy combines red with infrared wavelengths of light that penetrate deep down to the dermis, to stimulate the production of collagen, repair damaged cells, reduce the formation of wrinkles, help prevent sagging skin, fade age spots and liver spots.Red LIght Photo FACE 1

An increase of blood flow to the skin improves the skin texture, skin tightens and firms pores can become more refined and skin tone becomes brighter.

Red Light Therapy can also reduce pain and inflammation in the muscles, back, knees, hands, shoulders, hips and even helps relieve painful arthritis, fibromyalgia and aching joints. Apply the unit to tops of hands to relieve painful arthritis and rejuvenate them at the same time. Age spots and liver spots on hands will fade!!

It’s been known to help those eczema, rosacea, and psoriasis.

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LED Red Light therapy has many more benefits too!

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It can help quickly heal sprains, torn ligaments, cuts and wounds, burns and post-surgical incisions.Anti Aging Secret #10 – LED Red Light Therapy 3

It’s also very easy to use in the privacy of your home. Just use it on clean skin. Even better rejuvenating results can be had when skin is exfoliated prior to treatment. Adding peptide, EGF, or antioxidant-rich creams and sun screen to your daily regimen will also enhance the results of using it.

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