Youthful skin is firm because the muscle fibers under skin are short, thick and taut. As we age, muscle fibers under the skin lengthen and loosen. Skin loses elasticity and becomes thinner. As an alternative to cosmetic surgery, one gentler alternative can be found in DMAE products. Research shows it improves skin tone and increases tensile strength of the skin, suggesting that the topical application of DMAE firms skin and restores elasticity. Another study reported similar improvement in skin firmness and added that it reduced the appearance of lines and wrinkles. DMAE has also demonstrated antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, both of which can help visibly slow the aging process.

DMAE boosts the effectiveness of other anti-oxidants. It is well known for its amazing ability to quickly tighten and improve the appearance of sagging skin within 36 hours. It reduces puffiness and firm’s skin from the forehead to neck within 20 minutes. (Find this in Skin Uplift Serum, Ultimate Eye Creme and Eye Perfect).