What is Vitamin E and what does it do?

If you’re looking for an anti-oxidant that is present of many of the foods we eat, then Vitamin E is the answer. It’s available in many foods, fats, and oils. As an antioxidant it provides the needed protection to the body’s cells to fight infection and other problems.

Probably the most publicized benefit of Vitamin E is its ability to help fight skin cancer and heart disease.

However, it also facilitates the production of red blood cells in the body and also promotes the usage of Vitamin K. Vitamin K is best known for its blood clotting and coagulation factors.

Benefits of Vitamin E for Skin

The benefits of this natural vitamin are far reaching. Recent data has show that absorption of higher doses than those recommended could actually be beneficial in fighting or the prevention of several conditions.

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So what is vitamin e good for?

  1. Skin care
  2. Menstrual pain
  3. Low sperm count
  4. Inflammation of eye tissues
  5. Cataracts
  6. Restless leg syndrome or relief from muscle cramping
  7. Alzheimer’s disease
  8. Parkinson’s disease
  9. Rheumatoid arthritis
  10. Asthma
  11. Diabetes related complications and maybe helpful in treating and preventing diabetes itself
  12. Cardiovascular disease
  13. Prostate cancer and breast cancer

But, it also functions in many other capacities. It’s helps the body increase and regulate the levels of vitamin a in the human body. Vitamin A is essential to keep your skin looking healthy and also in the production of pigment in your eyes.

This vitamin can also be a general immune system booster.  Studies have shown that the topical form Vitamin Ecan help with blood circulation as well as the prevention blood clots, especially for those individuals battling diabetes.

However, skin care and skin health is the one area where the benefits of of it are far reaching. An entire industry of products has been developed because of the many benefits it provides the skin.

Antioxidant Benefits of Vitamin E

The most serious problems that face our skin come from UV light (ultra violet light), pollution, and misuse of drugs or other medications. Because it’s an antioxidant it is the first line of defense in protecting our skin against these problems or other free radicals.

Anti Aging Benefits of Vitamin E

The skin care industry has researched the best ways to deliver Vitamin E to the skin and its role in skin care creams and skin care lotions still are at the top of the list. It can be taken orally through supplements. One of its many benefits is the ability to diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Sun Protection and Sun Burn Treatment

The outer layer of our skin is the most affected by UV light and sun burns. As such, Vitamin E plays an important role in preventing and treating sunburns to the epidermis. Vitamin E preparations can also enhance the effectiveness of the SPF factor present in all sunscreens. Application instructions do not vary and as such they should be applied about 20 minutes before sun exposure. This is because it takes this time frame to be fully absorbed by the skin in the epidermis layer.

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Treatment of Skin Diseases

Because of the vast skin care creams and skin care lotions on the markets, Vitamin E has been effective in deterring other skin diseases or skin conditions. Most notably psoriasis and eczema benefit tremendously from the effects of Vitamin E. Orally ingested, it has been know to help in the treatment of erythema (a skin condition producing red, painful, and inflammed lumps).

Vitamin E for Scars

Does vitamin e help acne?

This subject has raised a multitude of questions about its effectiveness in helping scarring. At first, vitamin e oil for scars was determined to be very successful in the prevention and treatment of scarring (acne scars or surgical scars). It has also showed promise in burn treatment.

However, recent reports have opened some questions as to the viability of the benefits Vitamin E for acne scars treatment.  Seek advice from your physician before any treatment which you may have questions about.

Skin Cancer Benefits of Vitamin E

Skin cancer has received many positive benefits from Vitamin E. This is because of its antioxidant properties and ability to protect against UV rays.

What are the best food sources of Vitamin E?

Wheat germ is the richest source of vitamin E!

Other foods that are vitamin E sources include:

  • Liver
  • Eggs
  • Nuts — almonds, hazelnuts, and walnuts
  • Sunflower seeds
  • Corn-oil margarine
  • Mayonnaise
  • Cold-pressed vegetable oils, including olive, corn, safflower, soybean, cottonseed, and granola
  • Dark green leafy vegetables like spinach and kale
  • Greens — beet, collard, mustard, turnip
  • Sweet potatoes
  • Avocado
  • Asparagus
  • Yams

Vitamin E deficiency symptoms:

People who can’t absorb fat properly may develop vitamin E deficiency. Symptoms of serious vitamin E deficiency include:

  1. Muscle weakness
  2. Loss of muscle mass
  3. Abnormal eye movements
  4. Vision problems
  5. Unsteady walking

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