Louisa’s Daily “Feel & Look Good” Ritual and Anti Aging Secrets

A gentle and effective way to turn your life around and live a beautiful, fulfilling, healthy and successful life is to “plant positive seeds of affirmation” into your subconscious. The best time to plant your seeds is right before you fall asleep, and in the morning, as you are waking up. Your subconscious is like an empty field, ready to plant your thoughts. What you think will manifest on the outside!

Here’s what you do to unlock your anti aging secrets:

Each evening and before you rise, repeat a mantra that will help you overcome your challenge such as ―I am of perfect health!, ―I am rejuvenated!, ―I am taking care of my body!, ―I am losing weight!, ―I am drawing prosperity toward me!, ―I am forgiving myself and others!, etc. Plant your positive seeds of health, happiness, wealth or whatever you desire and nurture your positive seeds daily. Do not dig them up by thinking negative thoughts or talking about your challenge. Instead, turn your challenge to the power you have within your subconscious and experience a beautiful, radiant-filled life with all the great things that God has intended for you. 🙂 Louisa

I make it a point to remind women that beauty starts by celebrating every inch of who we are now! Here’s why…..Find a photo of yourself that was taken 10 years ago. I bet you looked even better than you thought – right? So you can pretty much be certain that 10 years from now, when you look at a picture of yourself that was taken today, you‟ll probably find yourself saying, “I looked pretty good 10 years ago! Why was I so hard on myself and why did I wish away my 40’s, 50’s or 60’s?” Case in point – You’ve got to embrace who you are NOW and enjoy life in the moment. Love yourself now; think positive thoughts about yourself and those around you. You CAN feel and look more beautiful, achieve success and better health NOW.

By planting your positive seeds of affirmation each day, you will experience changes that will help uplift and empower you. If you‟re unclear about what seeds you want to plant, try writing down your goals, visualize your purpose in life and you‟ll quickly realize that you‟re ready to start your garden. Your “seeds” will blossom and bring you enthusiasm, joy and closer to achieving what you want.

Forgiving Others Helps You Feel & Look Your Best

If you are holding resentment toward someone, it’s time to make a positive change – time to forgive. When I forgive someone, I am aware of the power of my forgiveness. It sparks a liberating energy within me and those around me. Forgiveness opens your heart. You can make a huge impact on your life and on those around you. Forgiveness can enhance your current relationships, or may give you the courage to leave a relationship that’s not right for you. Forgiveness is an uplifting challenge and the path to feeling passion and happiness.

If you are experiencing sleeplessness, hormonal changes, adrenal exhaustion, or stress I have noted some natural supplements later in this eBook, which can help naturally uplift your mood, balance hormones, hydrate skin and support your adrenal system. Before taking any supplements noted herein, please check with your health care practitioner.

The remedies, recipes and products listed here are those that I, along with thousands of other women, men, teenagers and beauty professionals, celebrities, models – even doctors and royalty, have found of great benefit. And they’re affordable.

My mission is to share information that empowers young girls and women of all ages to help them look and feel their best. When you benefit from my beauty secrets, please share what you learned with others – your friends, family and co-workers – anyone you want to share information with. You’ll quickly discover that when you help others, you will create an uplifting, positive feeling that will manifest into other great things. It’s amazing how giving, gets you back so much more.

NOTE: Before you begin any anti aging treatment or try new supplements and diet tips, be sure to seek the advice of your health care professional or dermatologist and please read the ―Disclaimer and Important Note to the Reader before you begin.

Here are my Anti Aging Secrets and Skin Care Secrets for you to enjoy reading:


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